Wednesday 20 July 2011

Red wine and chocolate cake

The village fete having been rained off on Saturday, we met for our scheduled meeting this evening, at the pub, to decide what to do next, and have decided to rebook it for 15th October.  It'll mean forking out for the temporary licence and the insurance again of course, but there is money in the kitty.  The festival committee facilitates everything for the village organisations who run stalls and so on, and make money by leasing pitches to companies running bouncy castles, burger and ice cream stalls and to craft stalls.  This money isn't distributed but used for expenses the next year and we have a few hundred pounds in hand to allow for extras.

Of course, we've now got to meet a couple of times between now and then to finalise arrangements.  Which is a bit of a downer, but we think it's worth it, a lot of clubs and so on rely on this as their main fundraiser for the year.  We couldn't shift into the village hall on Saturday because the beer festival used that, but that won't be the case next time, although John the publican can use the VH bar if he wants.  I only ever offered to go on that committee to write up the notes and don't offer to do much more - this isn't a good time of year for me, and nor will be October.  I have a basic set of notes and alter them each time, with matters discussed and matters to be discussed in different colours so that they are updated year on year.

Otherwise, I've kept my head down today and been out as little as possible.  I've found my feet on Google+ and have had conversations there, which was as sociable as I wanted to be.

The title?  Lunch.


Dave said...

Chicken salad sandwich and a glass of water.

Roses said...

Personally, when you feel like that red wine and chocolate cake sounds the most reasonable of lunch choices.

I would have joined you, except work frowns at lunchtime drinking.

Christopher said...

Admirable choice, admirable. Gin and brandy-snaps to follow?

Z said...

Brandy and gin-snaps, Chris.

A virtuous stir-fry of vegetables with chickpeas for lunch today.