Saturday 30 July 2011

Whipped, anyone might run

I seem to be having problems with dairy products.  First the yoghurt was too runny, now my syllabub won't whip.  It's inexplicable.   I'm going to freeze it and we will have lemon syllabub ice cream, and I'll start again in the morning with the topping for the trifle.

I've got a lot done today, but I'm tired now.  A friend has come to stay from Kent, which is lovely - but I hadn't changed the spare room bed from when Weeza and Zerlina were here a couple of weeks ago.  Yes indeed, it's usually the rule that the bed gets changed and the sheets washed straight away, but it didn't happen.  And the bathroom, though pretty clean, was a tip.  So the housework took some time.  And we had to do the condition report on the last 15 lots that just came in, so that Weeza could continue to work on the catalogue.  And then the Sage wanted me to do the lot numbers.  We've always just bought numbers, but someone said to him, why didn't he have his own ones printed with his name on?  I'm so sweet to him, I really am.  I spent ages looking for the right size labels and I can't find them anywhere, so I had to buy some about 1 1/2 inches by 3/4 inch, and do two lot numbers to each label.  It took quite a time to get the sizing and spacing right so that they could be cut in half.

And now, I'm going to bed.  Roses is coming for lunch tomorrow, so I've got to spend the morning preparing.


Dave said...

She's so fussy, that Roses. I expect she'll be wearing white gloves, so she can check for dust.

Roses said...

*Roses falls about laughing at Dave's comment*

Four Dinners said...

I was slightly alarmed when I read 'whipped'...I had this vision of politicians making their way to your abode up Dinners...


An amusing story from a hotel that had failed to change the bed between visitors. The bottom half of some false teeth were discovered under the quilt at the foot of the bed.

I have this on good authority from The Daily Mail so it must be true!...;-)

Unknown said...

Had a lemon syllabub earlier in the week, can't think...... Yes, I can, it was when we lunched with Bea (daughter of old friends) near Frinton on Tuesday. She served it with the first wild blackberries we'd had this year, and very good it was, too.

Z said...

Yeah, okay Dave, Roses isn't like that!

The syllabub whipped perfectly next morning, Mike - no idea what went wrong, I've been making syllabubs for 50 years and that never happened before.

I believe you, 4D x