Monday 7 February 2011

Z's Big Mouth

I'm feeling a trifle drained, it's been quite a day and tomorrow is likely to be more so.  Al is also expecting a couple of very busy days, as the governors at the village school are interviewing prospective headteachers.

There's too much in my mind, and a lot of it can't be said at present.  Besides, I'd ramble.  And you'd be astonished if I were to ramble, wouldn't you?

I called on John and Andy today.  Both look very well.  John is walking a lot better and was able to stand up without putting his good hand on the arm of his chair (he was probably showing off, and good for him if so).  However, he still has to hold a stick on the wrong side, so it doesn't give him much support.  Andy is going home tomorrow.  His wife and family have cleared the dining room and put a bed in there for him (we're looking after some stuff for them, because there's no room for it).  He's still very positive and cheerful, and looking forward to being home.

I have a bar of chocolate and I can't remember where I put it.  Frustratingly, I know it's in this room somewhere.  I had to open the chocolate chip cookies - mind you, they've been  about since Christmas, so it was probably about time *checks use by date* - well, 31st March would be, anyway.  I'm in some doubt as to whether it's better to turn to chocolate or alcohol in moments of pressure.  I think that chocolate biscuits are the worst option of all - although they were FairTrade chocolate chip cookies.  I've given the rest of the packet to the Sage, anyway.

Regarding emails and keeping information - I was just asked for something dating from 2001, and had to say that I hadn't still got it.  Having changed computers a couple of times since then, some data got corrupted in the transfer and had to be deleted.  It happens two or three times a year that I'm asked about things that no one else remembers.  For instance, I've been asked about the details of the rewriting of the Articles of Memorandum of the village school from 1999 (I was able to answer), the facts about the leasing of a playing field (I knew about that) and the details needed in the information pack for job applicants (from eight and a half years ago, that was easy, I went straight to the file).  I am vague about a lot of things, but I remember a chain of events or something I've been closely involved in - for instance, I wrote those Articles.

I seem to have offered to try to track down the missing information.  Me and my big mouth.


Anonymous said...

Archivists unite!

When pressure amounts I find coffee and chocolate very useful. The aftermath usually involves a bottle of Silvaner and a day of silence.

Dave said...

You should see Broken Biro's latest post (link on my sidebar).

Z said...

I was extremely disconcerted by BB's post, Dave.

After writing that, Mago, the Sage and I spent several minutes looking for the coffee pot, which I had filed in the wrong place that morning.

Christopher said...

I turned to BB's post hoping that she might have discovered the missing chocolate.

If that happens here the solution tends to be that it has inexplicably disappeared down Oesophagus Lane.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Big, lovely mouth x