Sunday 6 February 2011


Inboxes, hey - of the email persuasion, that is.  I expect most of you keep them really well sorted.  Delete what you don't need, file the rest.  I used to, once.  But then they started to build up and, although there are some things that always get filed (mostly receipts, guarantees and so on), it's all got way beyond me.  I do have a go once in a while, but it's too far out of hand and I lose heart.

The idea is, I leave it in the inbox, labelled, until it's dealt with and then I file it.  And I could just start doing that and at least have a cut-off, from which point onwards all will be organised.  What stops me?  I'd be so pleased.  Maybe this should be a belated New Year Resolution.

The reason it's on my mind, however, is that I've just been sorting out the inbox of another email address, to such good effect that it's now empty.  Everything dealt with and either filed or deleted (I tend to keep almost everything, which is part of my problem).  So, since I'm expecting a lot of emails to that inbox in the next couple of months, at least I'll know that what's there is relevant to now.

Those of you who are, either by nature or self-discipline, efficient in your filing must look at the rest of us and wonder why on earth we don't just get it right at the start and keep it right.  It's very little more bother to just file everything at once and keep it in order, and then it saves a lot of time and trouble in looking for things that are out of place or lost in the pile.  I've no answer for you.  You're right.  It doesn't seem to suit me, that's all.


Dave said...

You sum me up precisely.

My in-box is empty.

Z said...

You'd be surprised at how much preparation I've done in the last hour.

Dave said...

You'd be surprised at how little I've done all day.

Roses said...

My Inbox is empty too. I can't abide having loads of e-mails glaring at me.

Unfortunately, I also have baskets and baskets of paperwork in no particular order littering my house.

Occasionally, I wish it were the other way round.

Z said...

I have to keep them in the inbox until they're dealt with or I'll forget them. I don't file them until after that, but some things aren't easy to categorise. In addition, some folders have hundreds of filed emails so they aren't that easy to find things in either (if only people would label emails with a name relating to their contents). I do sometimes need to refer to something from a long time back, so tend to hold on to them.

luckyzmom said...

Ye and me z *-]

Z said...

Thank goodness, love. I was starting to think I was alone.