Tuesday 22 February 2011

Z becomes excZited and is Zhocked

It's been quite a day, one way or another.  It started with an invitation to the zoo, went on to a reunion with an old friend and finished with a startling experience on Facebook Scrabble (look on Rog's Facebook page if you want to know more, I'm not saying another word on the subject).

Charlotte and I have known each other forever, she's a bit younger than I am, and our families have been friends forever - that is, for generations.  She lives in Holland, where she grew up, although she often used to visit her English grandparents as a child, and has lived both in England and the Netherlands.  The last time I saw her was at her mother's funeral several years ago, and when my mother was desperately ill in hospital I had phoned her to come over to visit her one last time - my mum wrong-footed us there by rallying and living with cheerful vigour for another six months.

She phoned this morning, she's travelling around the country for a few weeks and catching up with friends, so she's staying with us for a couple of days.  The Sage had a meeting this evening, so she and I spent the whole time talking, and at one point she mentioned having corresponded  with Benjamin Zander, the conductor, and meeting him when he invited her to a seminar as his guest.  I became extremely excited - well, darlings, you know what I'm like - and described a concert I'd been to several years ago at Snape.  You may remember that I wrote about it?  That is, two or three of you might: anyway, I looked it up for her, and here it is.  My usual laid-back blasé attitude, as you see.

Charlotte was keen for me to send it to him on Facebook; I demurred but I did let her email him the link.  We've spent quite a long time this evening watching him on YouTube this evening.  We meant to phone Wink, but never got around to it.  Tomorrow.


Dave said...

I can't be sure whether I read that post before. I am now intrigued by the deleted comments.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

"A bit younger"?

So she dips just under the big 4-0, to your just over?

Z said...

The chap who left the first comment entered into teasing speculation about a man I'd sat next to at an earlier concert. I didn't mind being teased, but it wasn't fair on my neighbour, so I deleted the comments the next day.

Something like that, Simon darling, she's four years younger than I am.

allotmentqueen said...

Wow! That sounds like one hell of a concert. I'm green with envy at your being there.

luckyzmom said...

Well, I guess I better go back and read:-]