Monday 28 February 2011

Z Marches on

The habit of a nightly round-up has become ingrained, it seems, and I have rather missed it.  Not that I've done anything much to entertain you with, but you can sit and wonder at my enthusiasm for getting 400 words (or whatever, I wonder how much I actually do write?) out of little or nothing.

The thing that mattered, this weekend, was getting the catalogue off to the printers.  For various excellent reasons, the Sage had made several alterations, and finally he made another one which he didn't tell me about.  This didn't matter as such, as he had discussed it with Weeza (an item had been shifted to enable it to be cited on the same page as its picture) but I noticed that it had been omitted from its original placing, spent some time finding it, and then the Sage denied having made the change.  Fortunately, Weeza's memory is better than his.  His mind is so full of things that really matter, you see, like bidding on Georgian table spoons (we have four now: or will have when the latest purchase arrives).

I haven't set foot out of the house all day today.  I have prepared several meals, however, casseroles that are large enough to feed us more than once each, so tomorrow I'll put some food in the freezer.  Oh, happy day (no need to sing along, Chris) when I don't feel like cooking and can haul out a beef stew or some lamb shanks and heat it up.

The oddest thing of the weekend was that I have slightly gone off drinking alcohol, for absolutely no reason that I'm aware of.  I haven't stopped, but a glass or so is taken for the sake of my digestion and to add savour to food, not because I really want it.  Most odd.  I started cooking at 6 o'clock and opened a bottle of red wine to go in the casseroles, and wasn't tempted at all to have a glass, and when I finally did serve up dinner (fish) I drank white.  I shall watch the situation with interest.  I don't feel ill and I rather doubt I'm pregnant, and I can't think of another reason.  Maybe I've just drunk enough for a bit, in the same way as my brain seems to have decided that I've read enough fiction for the present.

Maybe such an unusual event was worth writing about after all.  I shall now make a cup of tea to drink in the bath.  Goodnight, darlings.  Happy March.


Z said...

A reasonable guess. 423 words.

Dandelion said...

The same thing's just happened to me, but with smoking. I hardly dare to hope that it will continue, but wouldn't it be brilliant?

Vagabonde said...

I marvel that you can write posts so often. I write a post a week and that takes me time too because I like to include many pictures. I feel that if I did not have the pictures the posts would be very mediocre because I do not get inspired writing in English. I think my writing would be very boring without the photos to spice it up. If I wrote in French, then very few people would understand. About drinking – sometimes I enjoy drinking after-dinner drinks, like liquors or Calvados. While in Mexico in November I bought what they called liquor of the Mayas – it has a little anis taste and I like it a lot. But they do not export it, so when the bottle is finished….I’ll have to go back to Mexico!

lom said...


Roses said...

If your liver has decided to have a break, fair enough.

Rog said...

I've given up wine as part of my peptic ulcer therapy and it's given me some penetrating insights. For example I can see why Dave's such a miserable sod now ... ;-/

Dave said...

I saw that.

Christopher said...

*stops singing. Sometimes one needs to be told these things.*

I've gone off wine, too, especially Languedoc wines. I don't enjoy the taste or the effect any more.

I don't count champagne, though. And mentioning counting, you're going to have to start counting the Georgian (silver, I suppose) spoons soon.

Z said...

Let's hope so, Dand, it would be great,

Vagabonde, you take care over your posts and it shows. I dash mine off hastily, and that shows too! I think you've found an excellent excuse for a Mexican holiday.

Whilst I was being facetious about pregnancy, LOM, I'm not menopausal yet either. Nor do I feel liverish, or unable to drink - just don't feel like it.

Rog, years ago when I often went a long time without alcohol, I sometimes got quite irritable. When I noticed and thought about it, I always realised that it was a week or so since I'd had a drink. A glass or two of wine always restored my good humour.

By the way, have you been tested/treated for helicobacter pylori? That is now considered to be the cause of most ulcers.

This is an international thing, Chris? How interesting. And do sing, please, just not Oh Happy Day.

Sometimes, there are more tablespoons than forks on the table. I suppose I should be grateful that his collection of wives was completed with me.

Pat said...

I don't care what people say about red wine and its benefits (and I do relish a really fine one) it is NOT good for the complexion so a stint on white is no bad thing.
I had years when I wasn't interested in fiction but read massed of non. Now am back to reading all. These things tend to balance out over time.

Rog said...
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Rog said...

Blimey you know your stuff. The tests are in, er, motion as we speak. I used to think it was worry.

badgerdaddy said...

I'll go out and get pissed right up for you tonight.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

I'm with The Badge. Bottoms up old son!

Z said...

Oh dear, I don't want to ruin my looks, Pat. Maybe I should be glad of my present sobriety, not regretful.

I don't have a problem, but two of my children do (though didn't get as far as ulcers) so we've done some reading on the subject. The antibiotics are strong and not much fun, but they do work. Afterwards, be aware of what sparks off heartburn (E and R both are careful of rich tomato sauces, which they find worst of all) and you will probably keep it under control. Once you've tested positive, you'll always have it in the blood so tests won't work, so if you need treatment in the future just tell your doctor and he should give you a prescription.

Whatever have you got to worry about anyway, darling. Is your life not perfect?

Go on then boys. I'll watch sedately with my modest single glass.