Thursday 17 February 2011

Z, absurdly enough, gives beauty advice

The Sage decided to have a last-minute switch around of china.  I've altered the numbers on the photos and changed around the descriptions in the list, but I'm quite anxious in case I've made a mistake, so we'll have to proof-read carefully and check everything against the china itself.  I've sent 30 photos and the list to Weeza and she'll do a draft of the catalogue over the weekend.

I've been asked to judge the home produce classes at the Garden Club show again, in September.  It's in my diary now.  Call me attention-seeking, but I've taken it as a compliment that they asked me again.

Ro and Dora are coming over for dinner on Saturday, won't have seen them for three weeks and we're looking forward to it.  I'm doing a pot-roast.  Don't know yet what the pudding will be.

I've received two compliments on my complexion in the last few days, which I mention because I've been using a new (to me) product.  I went to a friend's Bodyshop evening and among the stuff we were shown was something called "Vitamin C Skin Reviver"  I put some on and said "gosh, that's so smooth, when my husband kisses me he'll fall right off" and duly bought some.  It isn't instead of moisturiser, but goes on top, and I assumed that the smoothness was a temporary feel rather than an actual benefit but there we are,  my face has been noticed.  I can't remember what it cost, but Bodyshop isn't big bucks after all.  While I'm on the subject, the face cleanser I've been using for several years is Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish, which is so good that if ever I use anything else, my skin goes all dry and blotchy after a few days.  It's brilliant.  It's the only face wash I've ever used that isn't drying, and because it's washed off, you don't need cotton wool.

I'm hardly one from whom skin care advice  flows naturally, but there we go.  First time for everything.

Which reminds me, on the way home from lunch, one of the friends I give a lift to (two sisters, both in their early 80s) told us a distinctly risqué story that another 80-something friend had been regaling their table with.  I thought there were some chuckles from the other side of the room.  What rascals.

I've just been looking in the mirror.  I don't seem to look quite my usual raddled self.  But then, I have taken out my contact lens, so it could be a kind short-sighted blur.


Dandelion said...

Don't you mean a switcheroo?

Christopher said...

Hi. Just dropping to see that everything's all right. It seems to be, so I'll move on and see if anything's happening in Dave's garden.

Happy Friday.

Dave said...

How odd, Chris, for that is indeed what I have written about today (I decided to save my advice about male grooming products for another time).

Roses said...

Oh wow. I'll have to have a look for that Body Shop cream. Sounds amazing. When I worked in the department store, people who used Liz Earle never used anything else.

Z said...

*Ponders* You could be right, Dand.

Men can use it too, Dave and Chris

I use everything of hers, Roses, so easy to order online and they always include a little freebie.

luckyzmom said...

I love freebies.