Tuesday 8 February 2011

Cheers, darlings

I arrived home and checked the situation.  Champagne, unchilled, in the larder, Cava in the fridge.  

Cava it is, then.  


Christopher said...

Quite right. Polish off the cava - that'll leave room in the fridge to chill the champagne for breakfast. Cheers!

(Something to celebrate?)

Z said...

Busy morning tomorrow, the champagne will wait. And yes. The die has been cast, if we haven't crossed the Rubicon.

Christopher said...

Aut Caesar aut nihil?

Z said...

Actually, darling, I've more of a soft spot for Virgil. Arms. The man. Nice.

heybartender said...

Raising a glass to you from Vermont. Mine's full of Vinho Verde, but it'll do.

Gledwood said...

Nothing like a good bit of sweet fizzy wine.

Champagne's not all that. Lambrusco's much nicer.

Hope that Cava was OK.

Z said...

Cheers, Julie!

It was, thanks Gled. I'm afraid I hogged more than half the bottle. Not only did my husband buy and cook my dinner, he didn't get his fair share of the drink!

Roses said...

Have you just signed up to another committee?

Glad you enjoyed the Cava.

Z said...

No, it's school stuff.

Dave said...

There's nothing that a nice cup of tea won't make better.

Z said...

Very true, Dave. But fizz is a quicker pick-me-up, and the governors had had a very intense meeting. Such was the combination of tiredness and adrenaline that the alcohol didn't have any apparent effect, except to keep me going while I wrote a lot of emails.

Pat said...

I'm off Cava. The last bottle got a bit vinegary at a second helping and I was out of Cassis to jazz it up. So it's now my duty to keep champers in the second frig in the garage/laundry room. Just in case.

Christopher said...

School stuff?

I imagined you were going to:

Take a course in parachuting/scuba diving, maybe simultaneously

Take vows of Holy Poverty

Open a night-club for your blog-pals

Model for Lands' End

Model for Anne Summers

Go on pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

Start up Our Very Own Dave East Fan Club

Open a kangaroo ranch and carnation gardens

Pioneer a system of teleportage

- or all of these.


Z said...

Champers should always be kept ready for immediate use - just in case!

You have to be a school governor to get excited by the sort of things I do, Chris.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

A nice cup of tea would not improve the situation of a potentially fatal tannin allergy sufferer.