Wednesday 28 April 2010

Z is in Nephelococcygia and the Sage breaks an Egg

Sad to say, I'm slightly worse the wear - for drink, that is. It all started at 5.45 when I opened a bottle, not realising the sun was not quite over the 6 o'clock yardarm. When I found out, it was too late - one can't go back to tea from wine.

It's not been the easiest day, in one way or another. Nothing personal, and I'll lose no sleep - but there's one difficult letter that I haven't yet had the fortitude to start on. I'm actually quite inclined to cut my losses and do it tomorrow.

Anyway, let's look, as usual, to the positive - because that's always the best view.

I've moved more stuff to the big greenhouse which is brilliant, because I can use the sprinkler for watering rather than having to use watering cans. The Sage and I have had to move things about first though to make room, but he was most kind and uncomplaining about it, getting up and coming with me as soon as I asked. He is, as usual, lovely.

I've potted up a lot of herbs and some peas for Al to sell.

Now that I've moved so much, I've been able to clear a greenhouse completely (and temporarily) which will ease the watering some more.

The Sage and I have cleared a whole lot of nettles and other stuff from outside the further end of the big greenhouse (the greenery in front of the door was nettles from outside) and we're planning to concrete it over, ready to build a potting shed.

Yay! A potting shed!

Actually, I really want a combined tool shed and potting shed, with a connecting and securely lockable door, so that I can use the present tool shed for other stuff.

It's been a tricky day, in non-domestic terms, which is the reason I've kept pouring all evening. However, there have been two lighter moments. One was when the Sage came in disconsolate. "I picked up an old egg and it exploded all over my trousers" I laughed, darlings, like a drain. Then I read JonnyB. I missed yesterday's post, but it so happened that today's photo didn't load fast enough for the impatient Z, so I read yesterday's first anyway, and then scrolled up. I have been laughing ever since - and the Sage has not asked why - which makes me laugh all the more.

Well, you've got to, haven't you?


Z said...

Oh dear lord, the phone just rang and the Sage looked bewilderedly from his phone to my phone to his computer. "It's the landline" I explained and managed to deal with the caller before falling over laughing again. The look on his face when he didn't know which phone to answer....

Wendy said...

You are funny. :)

But I also laughed OUT LOUD more than once at Jonny B's chicken gate.

Roses said...

Hello my darling.

While I was away, I confess that sun drove me to drink copious amounts of lager, usually starting at about 2 or 3 pm. Now I'm back, I suppose I shall have to wait until more civilised hours.

You did make me laugh though.

Z said...

It was brilliant, that the Sage observed me falling about and was too polite to mention it. And that photo of the chicken gate. I think I'm going to go and have another look.

I love drinking in the day, Roses. It's such a treat - and you can keep going at a rate that means you never get drunk as you process the alcohol as you drink it.

Christopher said...

H'm. I was going to ask if during the watches of the spring night with the window open you were aware of a whole lot of βρεκεκκεκκεκ κωαξ κωαξ-ing going on, but then I realised that this was from the WRONG PLAY. Is there any hope left, do you think?

Z said...

None, my love. But we can go to oblivion with smiles on our faces.

Dave said...

I suppose I shall have to try to navigate this strange machine to Jonny's now.

Z said...

Go for it, Dave. But ideally, you'll read the post before seeing the pop hole.

Anonymous said...

I have just been catching up - and JonnyB's chicken gate brought tears to my eyes. I am glad I followed your advice and read the entry before I looked at the picture!