Sunday 18 April 2010

Z didn't take photos

Sorry - I was too busy this morning and differently busy this afternoon and now I've stopped for a break, I'm having a break instead.

There was a truly adorable baby being christened this morning. She looked with great interest and enjoyment and gave every impression of cheerful concentration when anyone was talking about her. She did take the opportunity for some bottled refreshment at the preparations for Communion, which was a good idea as the rest of us all intended to have a swig of port ourselves and meant that she would be all ready to smile again happily during the lunch that her grandparents were to host afterwards. The family party all were stunningly good-looking and very generous, as we found when we came to count the collection afterwards, hem hem. One of the godparents is stuck in Berlin as the planes aren't flying. At least one of our High School teachers is stranded somewhere in America and having an enforced extra week of holiday. Many of the people at the Annual Convention that the Sage went to on Friday in London are from the US as well, and may be spending longer here than they'd expected.

I've said to Al that he can take a dozen trays of broad (fava) bean plants to sell if he wants to. They are very healthy and well grown without being pot bound. We need to get on and fence in the unwalled side of the kitchen garden, as I've got beans and peas to put in, and will soon have other things too.

Tilly is quite over her upset stomach and is very pleased with the eventual outcome of the episode. We've decided that she's a bit old and delicate for tinned dog food and, since dry food alone is a bit disappointing, that she'd better share our food. She's been having chicken casserole (not our bantams, which live a natural lifespan and are not eaten) and very much enjoying it. In addition, we've stopped feeding her hide chews (the strips were banned a while ago, but now the chopped and reconstituted sticks are a bit much too) and are giving her, as little treats, Allsorts - not the liquorice sort - if you can be bothered to click on the link, hold your mouse over the bottom left picture and it'll leap out at you, it's the middle one. Anyway, she thinks that they are totally delicious and does her "time for a little something?" routine to me several times a day.


Dave said...

I did leave a comment last evening, but Blogger crashed. I can't remember what it was now, but I'm sure it was amusing, so pleaase feel free to LOL.

Z said...

LOLling like a drain, darling.

Anonymous said...

One of our dogs has an iffy stomach. He was on a chicken breast, sweet potato and broth diet for a month and now has to be on a duck and potato dog food. You might give Tilly a bit of plain yogurt when her tummy acts up. Glad she is feeling better.

Z said...

I have been giving her plain yogurt - she likes it when she gets my carton to lick out, but isn't so keen when it's in her bowl!

Duck and potato. They do see us coming, don't they? She's had the trimmings off a lean lamb joint today.

Christopher said...

Nothing much to communicate, Z, except to telepathise affectionate good wishes to you and bon appetit to Tilly. Or the other way round, whichever you prefer.

Z said...

Thank you, dearest.