Thursday 29 April 2010

Zedverley Hilbillies

It's all going steadily downhill around here - although, it being Norfolk, the gradient is so gradual as to be almost imperceptible.

One of the bantams has decided that the house looks very inviting. Twice already, we've found Tilly standing resolutely in front of an open door, not confronting the chook, for this is not allowed, but obviously quite indignant at the thought of sharing her home with a chicken. But it's only a matter of time before a chicken is found living on the sofa. Tilly can't be on duty all the time.

This afternoon, we were digging over the Jerusalem artichoke bed. Yes darlings, I got going with a garden fork, the first time in at least two years. The cock blackbird was very pleased - he was thrown so many worms that he fed all his fledgelings and himself and then left, satisfied. And one of the bantams came and boldly ate as we dug.

It turned out very difficult to hand-feed her a worm while taking a photo with the other hand. I had several failed attempts. The vid is the best of them, but the other photos show her beauty better.
I have more bantam pics in fact, but they're on my camera rather than my phone and I can't quite bother to look for the lead tonight.

And it appears that there is nothing in Blogger Beta that allows for the uploading of a video from my desktop either.  How odd.  Anyone got the answer?  Otherwise, as I'll be too busy tomorrow, it'll have to wait until Saturday for me to show a movie of me not quite catching the chicken from taking a worm from my hand, and you hearing me speak in an extraordinarily low voice.  Christopher once said that he was looking for a mezzo soprano.  He might offer me something in the baritone range once he's heard it. If I can work out how to post it, that is.


Dandelion said...

Ooh, that is harsh. Those poor worms.

Zig said...

How do you prevent Mr Reynard from taking his fill?

Z said...

I know, I'm fond of worms but they were getting eaten anyway.

The bantams are shut up at night but there areno foxes about at present. Of course, we're overrun with rabbits as a result.

Christopher said...

Worms are SO rare here - rarer than mezzi (mezzos?). Still looking. All you have to do is to fly Stansted-B├ęziers on Thursdays in time to get here at 8.30pm, sing, and fly back the next day. We wear red, but I wonder if your colour is really red, Zed?

Z said...

Not if it's tomato or pillar-box, Christopher, but I can deal with cherry and garnet quite nicely.

sablonneuse said...

So your hens run free in the garden all day? Don't they eat the flowers and vegetables?