Saturday 3 April 2010

Whether the weather

I spent half an hour or so this morning standing still in the cold, talking to someone out in the garden, which wasn't a good idea.  I hobbled back to the house, limping on my *good* leg.  Then I had breakfast, then picked daffodils on the way to the church with the flowers I'd bought, and spent some time doing a flower arrangement and dragging tables around.  I felt a bit fragile by the time Wink and I set off for Norwich.

However, things went swimmingly after that - we fetched Weeza and all went out for lunch, and then shopped for birthday presents.  I'd already got Weeza's present, but it's a bit sensible, though something she wanted, and in the end she plumped for some cosmetics - but she particularly wanted the sort of deal whereby, when you buy two items, you get a nice freebie.  Bonds didn't have anything on offer.  Nor did Debenhams.  However, Jarrolds came up trumps with Lancôme, and in the end I bought lipsticks too, so that I could get my own freebie, because we were all having a jolly time.  I also bought Wink's present, and some of Weeza's favourite chocolate which I could have got locally but forgot on the way to Norwich so had to pay Norwich prices for (ouch) and so I was all shopped out.

By the time we arrived home, I was just in time to get the chicken into the oven for dinner.  I'd planned to make fairy cakes for church tomorrow, but will have to do that in the morning as I didn't care for the thought of cake and chicken cooking in the same oven at the same time - so I've got all the vegetables ready instead.  Most of them, that is, now I think about it.  Champagne and other wine in the fridge, but the table isn't laid.  Oh well.  It'll all happen, and the worst that can happen is that everyone grabs a handful of cutlery on the way to the table.

Sunshine this morning, then clouds, followed by rain, sleet, sunshine again, then a chilly wind before evening mildness.  April weather is entirely dependable.


Anonymous said...

Fröhliche Ostern!
Happy Easter, dear Z.

martina said...

Happy Easter Z and family!

Dave said...

I could do with some dependable sunshine at the moment though. Happy Easter to you, and all your family who have met me, whatever their names.

Z said...

Dependable sunshine? Love, you're living in the wrong country.

Happy Easter, one and all.

Zig said...

Happy Easter Z :)

How do we know said...

April Weather is entirely dependable.. ROTFL!

Christopher said...

Champagne and fairy cakes!

You've really got things right, haven't you?

Z said...

*waves cheerily*