Sunday 31 January 2010

Z kneerly has a miship

I forgot my hip just now. I was pleased to notice that Mad Men was being repeated on BBC4 at 11 pm and even more pleased that I'd noticed it at 10.55. I've mentioned before that I find it very peculiar that they don't say when the repeats of anything are - since they may be on any channel and at any time of the day or night, they are not easy to spot in a tv guide. I know about iplayer but, unless it's changed recently, it only shows as a small box on a Mac, so it's not that enjoyable to watch. Besides, not everything is shown on it, so it's not to be relied on.

Anyway, it's a double episode and I probably won't want to be up that late. So I went to the recorder, and found that it had been left on, which it shouldn't have been of course. I turned over to it, and found that it had stuck on the 27th January at 9 pm. So, I fiddled with the controls for a while and then knelt down to check it was all plugged in.


I'm not allowed to kneel down.

Fortunately, nothing has dislocated. The Sage helped me up, once I'd decided what leg to use first. The good news is that kneeling doesn't hurt. The other good news is that, although my hip is sore, no harm has been done. I feel a bit of an idiot though. I can see that the more it heals, the more likely I am to forget the rules.

I turned the machine off at the wall and on again, and it's working fine. I think that happens regularly to my brain as well.


lom said...

you need a bell on that leg to remind you

Anonymous said...

An occasional reboot :))

KAZ said...

Nothing could be worse than missing Mad Men :)
But - phew - I'm glad you didn't do any damage.

badgerdaddy said...

Bugger - I missed it completely. And missed 'Mo' too. And there's not much TV I actually watch, so it's doubly annoying.

Z said...

Reboot. I like it. A bell in my brain might have more effect.

I think the going down was all right, though it worried me once I found I was down there. But the getting up could have been a problem.

I miss things all the time, Badge - there are so many programmes and so little one wants to watch that it's easy to miss seeing the ones one does. I think that Mad Men will be on a Tuesday night regularly.