Friday 15 January 2010

A frozen Z bed

It rained today, but it's still pretty cold so the snow is slow to be washed away. It's so unusual to see it linger this long - I remember many winters when we've had more snow; that is, greater average depth as well as deep drifts, some well above my head (no cracks about this being knee high to everyone else, if you please) but it's always gone within a week. Except in 1963 of course, which is The Winter of living memory to anyone born in the first decade or so since the second world war.

7.51 pm and I'm just draining my glass of the last of tonight's wine. "Any more?" asked the Sage with suavely unaware sadism. Still, at least Wink is here to say yes. She has returned for the weekend to attend the funeral of her brother-in-law (on her late husband's side).

Momentarily, yesterday, everyone became over-efficient to the extent that vital papers were taken to the tip. With the greatest of good fortune, I didn't have the only copy, but all the same I had to inconvenience someone - two people - into replacing them for me. I owned up to the headmaster today, to his amusement - I could have kept quiet but that would have meant his staff, whether they knew it or not, colluding in mild deception.

I think it'll be red wine from now on. It's more satisfying. A glass of white has merely teased the tastebuds. Interestingly, I realise that it is the taste of it that I miss, not the alcohol. I always said I wasn't unhealthily reliant on alcohol. Tomato juice is okay if you add some Tabasco as well as the Worcestershire sauce.

I received more correspondence from the hospital, including an information letter. It started by describing the pain of an arthritic hip, usually in the groin. What? I have, at various occasions, pain in the top of the foot, the shin, the calf, in both the front and the back of the thigh (distinctly different pains), in the back and the other hip and a sore right hip, but in the groin, never a twinge.

I was silly last night. I knew I wouldn't have time to wash my hair this morning and the electric shower is not very hot - I think one of the heating elements isn't working - so I decided on an early bath and washed my hair before dinner. So I didn't bath before going to bed. I mostly have a bath to warm up. The Sage hugged me relatively warm - the man is a masochist too, I was freezing - but when I woke an hour later, I was so cold that I'd frozen the bed again, even though we'd fallen asleep with the electric blanket on. I didn't sleep much after that. Took hours to get the same degree of warmth all over. Then it was time to get up. Still, it means I'll sleep well tonight. I said to the Sage, he must be looking forward to a week or so of tranquil solitary night times. If he can't sleep, he can always come downstairs and entertain me with scintillating gossip.


Anonymous said...

One of the best inventions mankind ever did is the "Wärmflasche", the HOT-water-bottle: Looks terrible, smells terrible, pure gold. To be put into bet one hour before sleeping time. Without that device my family would have not survived some ugly winters in Upper Franconia.

Z said...

Even two hot-water-bottles aren't enough to warm me, Mago. I can get into a warm bed, warm from a hot bath, and an hour later I'm freezing again and clutching the cooling hottie. Adding a husband helps, an electric blanket is better again, but I still need to start with a bath.

Z said...

I suspect it's a lot colder in your neck of the woods than in balmy East Anglia.

DILLIGAF said...

Getting a bit warm darn sarf if you ask me.

Carol is cold - but she's a southerner.

Virtually all the snow gone.

Caz is insisting I go see the doc myself.

My right knee keeps 'giving way' and my left elbow occasionally 'plays up'.

Don't need a Doc for that.

Football. Used to play at a fairly high level. Had a trial for Man City (but turned up pissed) and played semi-pro until I was about 33.

Right knee got kicked to bits.

It's just an age thing.

No big deal.

....and you will be fine.

I know these things.

I'm from Oldham xx

Z said...

Still a fair bit here, but most of the fields are starting to show some earth again.

I have cherished my lovely body *cough* all my life and not played rough games. I don't deserve a dodgy hip.

And you're years younger than I am.

And a bit barking.


Anonymous said...

May be hot flushes aren't so bad after all then - throwing back the covers and opening the windows (yes, even at this time of year) cures it quickly at least! Lenin is always cold and goes to bed looking like the Michelin man.

Z said...

A hot flush might be quite welcome - not something I've ever had.

luckyzmom said...

Yes, yes, yes, groin pain. I never imagined it would be connected to my right hip. What hip are you having replaced?

Z said...

The right one. At the start of all this (I first went to the doctor 7 years ago) it took me a while to believe that the pains in my leg were anything to do with my hip. I thought it was sciatica.

Anonymous said...

Your blood pressure must be subterranean. The Fryday people know about that, they do?

Anonymous said...

Or do you have to use beta-blockers or something of that kind?

Dave said...

I had to throw the duvet off last night, I was so warm in bed. I've never needed to use artificial aids to warm it.

This doesn't help, I realise.

Z said...

My blood pressure is normal. I'm not looking forward to the blood-thinning drugs they use to help prevent DVT though. I expect to be very chilly.

Funnily enough, Dave, when the temperature warms up even slightly, I don't sleep at all well. As long as I'm warm in a warm bed, I sleep best in the cold.

You always help, dear heart.

Sarah said...

Hot water bottles, I agree with whoever said it, are the best invention ever...can't get into bed without one. Rarely does it get chucked out before June.

I was only 4 in 1963 but do remember it... crackly cine films help!