Saturday 2 January 2010

It's Christmas again!!(!)*

*For any newer readers, three exclamation marks are ©JonnyB and he does not care to be taken advantage of. I have been told.

Anyhoo, the festive season has, indeed, returned, for my sister Wink has come. She had said she was coming a week ago, but parties intervened and she has only just arrived. Hiccuping slightly.

It's all jolly frosty again. I'm not venturing out except in the car, I had enough of staggering about on slipping stick the last time it snew (thass a bit of Norfolk, is 'snew'). I went to the Co-op and had to queue to get in the car park which was a bit surprising, especially when I went into a fairly quiet shop. Don't know where everyone was who'd parked there. Anyway, I got a trolley, filled it, queued, paid and went back to the car. It's not a well-designed car park, although it's quite a new shop, because it's on a slight slope, so you have to fight your trolley's tendency to roll the way you don't want it to go at the best of times. Sadly, the way it wants to go is not a useful direction. But at least, on ice, it's something to hang on to. However, having unloaded my bags, I couldn't face taking it back to the trolley park so decided to abandon it. It was lucky that some poor employee was taking trolleys back to the shop at that time, so I apologetically told him (for which he thanked me, dear chap) I was leaving it and then I beetled off home to start cooking.

Tomorrow, everyone's coming for lunch (I've made a chicken casserole already) so we can have high jinks and more present giving afterwards. Joy!


luckyzmom said...

Enjoy Winks visit and happy new year.

Z said...

We will! - and happy new year to you too xx

DILLIGAF said...

'Tomorrow, everyone's coming for lunch'

I am deeply hurt. I have not been invited.

I will now sulk.

...;-) x

Dave said...

I haven't been invited either. But then I'm rather busy, and not good with crowds, so I won't complain.

Z said...

*Adds extra place setting at the table for 4D*

*Prepares takeaway bag for Dave*

Dave said...

I'll pick it up on my way back from Attlebro'. Assuming I'm not stuck in a ditch somewhere.

Dave said...

I'm not, but it was a close-run thing. V. icy country lanes.

Z said...

Enjoy your lunch, Dave. Glad you made it home in one piece.

SuperP. said...



Eddie 2-Sox said...

So it's you!

Who'd have thought that the lazy bugger who couldn't be arsed to walk twenty metres to put their trolley away would be Z!

I am shocked.

Z said...

Ooh, Penny - let's hope JonnyB doesn't drop by and see you say that.

Simon, I've spent the last four years telling everyone I'm a lazy bugger. I don't usually leave the trolley in the car park, but then the Co op manager should get the car park gritted. Mind you, a friend said she was in Morrison's yesterday and a woman couldn't stop and her car hit three others. Anyway, I'm a pathetic cripple and I can't help it.