Wednesday 13 January 2010


Ro is home. It took him a few minutes to sort out the internet connection. He thinks the booster thingy froze when the BT connection went off and then reset itself when it came back on. The Sage is very happy.

I spent a couple of hours shopping in Norwich this afternoon. I really didn't enjoy it. Buying necessary but dull clothes is not my favourite way of spending my time or my money. However, it's done now and all sorted. But my goodness, Marks and Spencer is a dull shop*. "Would you like to apply for a charge card?" asked the assistant. "I used to have one," I admitted, "but I used it so little that they took it away."

As usual, I have plied Ro with much good food and wine. Not, I reminded him, to tempt him to move back home, just to show what he is missing. However, he has discovered, in a phone call to Weeza, that she has him lined up to help in the Great Clear Up tomorrow. He has some reservations about that.

Actually the Luck of Z has struck yet again. A friend phoned this morning and, after she'd explained what she was ringing about and we'd sorted it out, she mentioned that she's putting things together for a big jumble sale in a nearby town in a couple of months. "Books and stuff?" I said hopefully. She will be glad of anything.

Oh, dear girl, she doesn't know what she's let herself in for. If Weeza has her way, half the contents of this house will transfer, in boxfuls, to hers.

* I don't blame M&S specifically for this - I think all chain stores are dull and annoying. Rows of almost identical clothes and when you finally find something you like, it's there in every size but the one you want.


martina said...

Wish you could come here for tea and dessert tomorrow while the offspring have their cleaning festival. Sounds like it might be a bit frenetic but fun.

Dave said...

Don't let her get rid of any bricks, will you? We might need them when the summer arrives.

Anonymous said...

Books too? I mean, they are useful, insulating and such ...

Z said...

Sadly, I'm needed for babysitting duty.

No bricks to be dropped, Dave.

There are so many books in this house, Mago, that even I have to agree there are too many. Two rooms are lined on two sides with floor to ceiling bookshelves, there are bookcases in every room and there are still heaps of them unshelved.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Well, you know full well that Ro will always believe that your roast dinner is the best in the world. At least put up with him long enough to provide him with another? And another reminder of what he's missing.

I'm still jealous of your seemingly idyllic life Z.

Z said...

He is always welcome for as long as he wants. But I'm not a clingy mummy and I don't want him to think I'm trying to tempt him back - because I'm not.

Seems, Simon? I know not seems. It is idyllic. Well, just about. I always have better luck than I deserve.

Anonymous said...

You'll be amazed with how much space will be reclaimed and created, for you to fill again ;-)

DILLIGAF said...

Love books!!!!

Especially old books.

Got T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia) 'The Seven Pillars of Wisdom' second edition

...and 'Wuthering Heights' 1st edition (smells nice)

My fave is a bible. Tiny pocket sized from WW1. Dedicated to an officer by a General. Forget their names and couldn't be arsed going for a look.

Old books are best!!!!

(Apart from 'Red Dwarf' of course)

I feel a bit light headed...must eat...hic

Z said...

The Sage is even more of a magpie than I am, Ad.

My most beloved book is my Latin dictionary, signed by my grandfather in 1892 when it was rebound, by my father in 1920, by my sister in 1964 and by me in 1967. I gave it to Al, who took Latin to A level, but he never bothered to sign it and didn't appreciate it so I reclaimed it. It's very tatty and held together with string.

I love old books best too. I find it hard to get rid of ones that belonged to my parents.

luckyzmom said...

Wow, this sounds serious. I used to reorganize and clean for my Mom. She would complain for months later about not being able to find things.