Saturday 11 July 2009

Z is Fêtalistic

By 7 o'clock, we'd fed 12 people dinner and they had left - Weeza and co. had to get back for Zerlina's bedtime. Al and Dilly took their two home for baths and bedtime too. The Sage and I looked at each other, went and cleared the table and settled down to read the papers. And that's what we've done with our evening. Well, I read a book as well. I need little encouragement to lounge around doing absolutely nothing.

Yesterday and this morning had been busy, but after I'd done my stint in the church kitchen, I was free from 2 o'clock and, although I'd offered to be ready to man a stall if necessary, there were plenty of helpers. So I chatted to friends, was bought beer, bought a round of beer - John puts his prices up to allow for the rigid plastic 'glasses' he uses for the beer festival, but only to £2.50 per pint, so I spent the afternoon merrily quaffing, in between eating burgers (lamb and mint) and icecream (a 99). I bought books and plants, and listened to the bands. It's a splendid wheeze, making the beer festival part of the village fete, because it means that people are happy to stay on the green rather than go home. The weather was pleasant, warm enough, though the sun only came out occasionally and we were happy to stand there. I tried sitting on the grass, but it was a bit lumpy and, unusually, I was more comfortable on my feet.

Did I mention that Ro came with them? He received a warm hug from his mummy, who hadn't realised she misses him. Actually, his father misses him more. The Sage keeps asking wistfully if I've heard from the boy. However, we'll meet again next Friday, because he's coming to do the paperwork at the auction.


Dave said...

Hurrah! I had toyed with coming over, if I'd had time, but I was occupied with other duties until nearly 5, and it didn't seem worthwhile then.

Z said...

I am serving tea in person at the church this afternoon between 2 and 4.

Sarah said...

Sadly our village fete is no more, because no one can be 'bothered' to help out or man a stall. We are in 'city' commuter land and most people think they are way too important to help raise a little money for the village recreation ground....hey ho.

How do you put the ^ over the e in fete??

If I hadn't been asked by a dear friend to drink beer and watch the Grand Prix with him this afternoon, I would have come and had a cup of tea with you....home alone this week!

Dave said...

How can you drink beer and watch the Grand Prix at the same time? One needs to concentrate, to will our drivers round, and to make the others crash (in a non injurious way). Don't mix drink and driving, I say!!

Dave said...

There. Hamilton's 1st corner accident and Button's 5th place is all down to Sarah's alcoholism problem.

lom said...

I would love to live in a village, it always sounds so nice

Z said...

Sarah, this is one thing that's awfully easy on a Mac - you press alt and whatever key is most likely to have that alternative accent. Thus, Zoë uses a u, because it's likely to be an umlaut on a u. ê is alt and i, because the é is already taken by alt and e.

However, it's slightly more complicated with a pc, and the best thing to do is to look it up and save the various options as it's not easy to remember. You can set up a short cut if you need to however. ê is Alt +0234 apparently.

Dave darling, how can a sane person watch a whole Grand prix without the benefit of alcohol? It's a bit samey most of the time and needs the odd (non injurious) crash to rescue it from deadly boredom.

Living in a village is lovely, but ours doesn't have great community spirit. One has to work at it. Visiting the local pub is one of the best ways actually. Or belonging to the Bowls Club, but I don't have the skills of JonnyB. Though there again, who does?

Sarah said...

Thanks Z , but it sounds way too complicated for the likes of me.

Yup, I was a little bored with the racing yesterday, despite the beer!