Friday 17 July 2009

Going, going

It's been pouring. Fortunately, we packed the car before it rained. The Sage is just sweeping the water out of the porch (this has never happened before the last few days) and then we're off.

He's ready - we're gone.


Rog said...


Z said...

And - we're back!

Anonymous said...

I trust your collectors were keen and the bidders competititve. As for the rain, we had over 24 hours non stop up here with nearby Leem1ng reporting over 2 inches of rain and a wedding was attended.

Z said...

I'm working, Dave. Not all of us can take Saturdays off.

We've been thinking of the soggy festival-goers at Latitude, Ad. At least the ground is pretty well-drained there - Ro went last year and it rained, though not as much as this time. I don't think it ever rains for 24 hours non-stop in East Angular though.

Dave said...

I'm working too - off to North Norfolk to do a baptism shortly.

Glad I'm not camping this weekend.