Wednesday 8 July 2009

Most of today was cancelled

I spent half an hour printing out photos for the snapshot competition at the festival this weekend. I should have had them properly printed of course, because they'd have looked better professionally done rather than by my bog-standard printer - but there it is, they're done and I've expended a fiver to support the display.

At 8.30 this morning, it was raining a bit, so I texted Dave to say we'd best call off bricklaying today. Rain threatened all morning and there were a couple of showers - not as heavy as we've had in the past days, but enough to have made it a tedious stop-start affair. And Dave has a sore throat, which the Sage does not wish to catch (if it's catchable), as his auction is on Friday week and he shouldn't strain his voice. This afternoon, when it was supposed to rain, it became sunny, which was rather a pleasure. Weeza and Zerlina came over to babysit, so we all relaxed together and went to the playground when Dilly came home in the afternoon.

I also had a message to say my hairdresser was unwell, so my appointment was cancelled. I am rather shaggily hirsute by the time my 5-weekly appointments come round, so I'll be trailing round with hair almost down to my ankles within a couple of days.

Yesterday, I went with the high school headteacher to be told all about the latest Ofsted guidelines for school inspections. During a break, he was discussing with me the emphasis on the monitoring role of governors, and how they should have high expectations and make sure they're met rather than simply being supportive - "not brown-nosed, but hard-nosed" I agreed helpfully. "*The chairman of governors* wouldn't have quite put it like that" he said, suppressing a chortle (unless it was a shocked intake of breath that I misinterpreted). I assured him that if he wants an interjection of vulgarity, I'm the woman to provide it.


lom said...

make sure they're met rather than simply being supportive - "not brown-nosed, but hard-nosed" I agreed helpfully.
Z never a truer word

Dave said...

I don't think hay fever is catching. It was dry all day here. Not that I did an awful lot in my unexpected extra time here.

Z said...

I thought it was quite neat myself, LOM.

It rained more in Yagnub, a mile away, than here, Dave, it's very localised.

sablonneuse said...

Nice to hear you've been sharing the rain. We've had more than enough this week.