Saturday 8 November 2008

Z Girds her Loins

---in a metaphorical sort of way, of course. I'm not sure quite how to take it literally. No, my point is that I am going to have to do some work. The chairman of governors is having to take some time out to look after a member of her family who has had an accident, so will not be able to come into school for the rest of the term. I'd already agreed to chair the next meeting as she was going to be away then anyway, but there's going to be a lot more than that, as well as what I usually do, which I don't want to neglect.

So far, I've written two emails asking for meetings, written three other letters and another email and decided not to type out an inventory yet.

In Other News ... oh, I'm not sure that there is much. It's cold and wet today, but the Sage has just lit the fire, so we'll snuggle down nicely, each doing our own thing (Ro on one computer, me on another and the Sage reading the paper. Tilly is relaxing full-length on the sofa). Tonight, I'll be babysitting as Al and Dilly are going out, so I need to start making the lasagne for dinner in good time as I won't be here this evening. Someone can bring me through my dinner next door once the children are in bed.

Okay. If you don't read blogs on a Saturday, you haven't missed much here.


Kelly said...

My idea of bliss, snuggling up in front of a roaring log fire...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely Saturday.

Did you know one can make lasagna without cooking the noodles first? just make your sauce thinner (I add a healthy portion of red wine to mine).


Dave said...

OK, I won't read it then.

Z said...

I'm resisting the sofa and the large shawl on its arm, but quite possibly not for long.

Thanks, Imp - yes, I used to cook them first but discovered a while ago it wasn't necessary.

Fair enough, Dave.

Brom said...

Ohh I don't know. Lasagne is something not to be missed!

Z said...

Ro observed that I evidently don't want him to leave home as I feed him so well.