Friday 7 November 2008

It's all right, nothing about dogs here

Weeza and Zerlina are very well. Zerlina now weighs 10 lbs 5 oz, which is still on the small side but now just above the curve for her birthweight - more importantly, she's fine, very responsive, smiles broadly at you and enjoys playing with the hanging toys over her play mat (whatever you call these things). She's also happy to sleep in her cot, which means that Weeza and Phil get some time for conversation and general relaxation in the evenings. She's a pretty and dainty little girl and very sweet.

They're coming over tomorrow afternoon - you know the valuation I mentioned? Weeza's going to help me set up the spreadsheet for maximum efficiency. She's slightly missing her indispensable high-powered Senior PA-ness and keen to help. I appreciate it.

When I arrived home, 8 or 10 half-grown bantams scurried away from the house door. I like having animals all around. Earlier on, the Sage had helped Al move the beehive. It must have been extremely heavy as it's full of honey to keep them through the winter. A couple of days ago, when it was warm (for November) and sunny, the bees were very active, but none of them came out today, rather to the Sage's relief. It was the limit of his courage, lifting the beehive unprotected from possible stings.

Off to help with a music lesson this morning. I haven't been able to go for several weeks, so all the pupils will be way ahead of me.

Oh. I seem to have an Adolescent Zit on my chin. What's all that about then?


Dave said...

You're growing younger, clearly.

It's my long-term plan to move back to at least my early thirties.

Z said...

It's true, I have developed a tendency to play rock music and shout "it's not fair!" at regular intervals.

How do we know said...

You REALLY are growing younger then? Zits and thins and the works? You have my envy in suitable measure and my admiration in the rest of the space :-)

Z said...

Thoroughly elderly hips, unfortunately, however :-(

badgerdaddy said...

She's a bit young for a mobile, isn't she?

See what I did there?

Z said...

Heh heh. Splendid, Badgerdaddy!