Friday, 26 April 2013

Kittens! Er...Dog! Doesn't sound quite the same, innit?

Ben showing bear the bear.  He hadn't been playing with his teddy and went to look for it, so it's tempting to think he recognised the species.

He loves a splash in the water, though he doesn't normally swim, just frolic.  I think he must have trodden in a hole or on something as he seemed to stumble and then went back to look.

Both should embiggen - sorry the still pic is rather dark, but it was evening and Ben blends in rather well with the colour scheme.  There's a box bottom right of the video to enlarge.


Lola said...

Thanks for the visit. Wasn't aware C de B lost out owing to a mistranslation of 'assister à'. You'd think someone would have had sufficient elementary French to have spotted this common faux ami!

martina said...


Unknown said...

Typical Retriever! x

Z said...

It was never confirmed of, but supposed at the time because it seemed a dead cert until the magazine interview, where he was talking about his childhood. The mistake was explained of course, but mud sticks, or it was believed to, among those responsible for voting for the Oscars. He made Green Card subsequently, so it didn't stop him being employed in Hollywood.

He had a brilliant time today, Martina.

Z said...

Er, I didn't mean 'of' after confirmed. I shortened my comment. hashtag bad grammar?