Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Happy Al day

1 It's Al's birthday today.  He's in his prime.  Weeza's birthday is on Thursday, when she's the product of two primes - well, the Sage and I were young then.  Actually, I was young, the Sage was the age that Al is now.  Which is comparatively young

2 I listened to a mild altercation between a customer and a shopkeeper over a matter of change.  The customer thought she'd been given a fiver too much, the shopkeeper was quite sure she'd been given £10 so the change was correct.  That each was so anxious not to diddle the other was rather lovely and typical of this town.

3 We went to visit Ro and I took my pruning saw.  His and Dora's house has various trees and shrubs in the garden that were planted when the house was built, mostly too close to the house itself.  Ro wanted my advice, which was either 'hack it back' or 'chop it down.'  So I did.  Ro took a while to saw through one branch and thought the next one was a bit much for me to manage.  He learned his mistake.  I have a two-handed technique that makes short work of a two-inch branch, even a dead one.

4 Sleep.  That'd be nice, hey.  Or more than an hour's worth at a time, anyway.  I'd have got up, but Ben would have wanted to go out and I didn't quite have the energy.

5 We took him with us to Norwich, just as well because he christened Al's garden appropriately - it was all right, I carry a plastic bag in my pocket - and it would have graced the passageway otherwise.  Unfortunately, it turns out he isn't that good a traveller and he had a little chunder on the way home.  I'd put a waterproof liner in the back of the Landrover with a comfy sheet on top, so unpleasant clearing-up wasn't needed, just a pick up and dump job.  All the same, only short car journeys from now on.  We had a nice lunch at Ro's local pub and left him there waiting to meet a friend, drinking Guinness and looking really rather relaxed.


Liz said...

1. Happy Birthday Al.

2. Yagnub sounds like a cool place to live.

3. I'm rubbish at sawing, even with 2 hands.

4. Sympathise on the sleeping; the combination of clocks going forward and a cold+tickley cough wreaking havoc with my sleep pattern.

5. Yuck. x2

Ms Scarlet said...

Yep, I thought I was on top of the sleep thing but relapsed today... I really can't tell you what time my day started, I am too ashamed.

Z said...

A good pruning saw is the key. I'm no good with a carpenter's saw, haven't the strength.

That it's now 5.50 am and I've finally given up on sleep and am in t'internets says it all.

Z said...

Hope you're asleep now, Scarlet xx

Ms Scarlet said...

Yes, I slept well last night, and I am up and about at a reasonable hour!

allotmentqueen said...

This is going to be awful next week when I have to be up to go places, get child to school, etc.
But I am so liking these lighter evenings.

Z said...

I just have more energy once the clocks have changed and we have light evenings.

mig said...

The longer evening are lovely - or at least they will be when we get some spring weather to go with them.

Nutmeg used to travel badly when he was young - plastic bags needed at all times in a car.

Z said...

He had been in the back of the Landrover for quite some time, although we took him out for a couple of walks. He didn't get overheated, but I think it just got a bit much.

Unknown said...

Ben wont get overheated when it's this damn cold!

janerowena said...

This is the first year that I have had trouble with the time change, it has really thrown me. I have a pruning saw but tend to use a bow saw.

Z said...

Damn cold today, John.

I love my pruning saw!