Saturday, 27 April 2013

Saturday Five

1 I'm sorry, whingeing as ever, but another almost sleepless night - asleep for an hour, awake for at least three, the soundest hour's sleep after the radio alarm comes on.  This afternoon, I was told I looked tired.  No, really.  REALLY?

2 Brace yourselves, you're getting a look at my next passport photo.  If I tell you this is probably the best passport photo I've ever had, do feel for me.  One isn't allowed to smile nowadays, of course.  But I'm convinced that I still don't look so old and I know I don't look so frightened as in the picture that was taken ten years ago.

I know.  I'm not claiming to look good.  But you'd not mess with me, right?

Anyway, the point is, I popped into the local photographer's to make an appointment.  "Oh, I think Phil could do it right now if you like?"  I nearly ran for it.  But I asked for a mirror and used a comb instead and the deed was done.

3 Equally good service was received at the local garage.  Yesterday, I heard a knocking sound from the back of the car - no, no one was locked in the boot.  So I toddled in, and Graham came for a turn round the block with me to listen for himself.  He has a couple of ideas and doesn't think it's serious.  But it's a bit more today than it was yesterday, so I went in to book an appointment.  They're fitting it round my social life, darlings, can anyone be nicer?

4 This afternoon, we went to the memorial service of a lovely, lovely man.  He was 93, it was more a time for loving memories than great shock and grief, though his wife and family must feel it sorely.  But it was a fine service.  Afterwards, we went back to the house for tea - there was a marquee on the lawn.  Tea there was, but most people headed for the other table and picked up a glass of Pol Roger.  I know.  No pretension I assure you.  It comes naturally to them.  I've a feeling that the truly classy went for the tea, but I didn't.

5 Picture of Augustus.  So delightful, how soporific eating can be for a small child.


nick said...

I also have to take a new passport photo. And I look really grim when I'm not smiling. I don't think you look grim, though, just serious and thoughtful.

LẌ said...

Nice passport photo.

I always dread the driver's license photo. There is no choice and it always looks worse than a police mug shot.

Anonymous said...

Driver's license photos never look good!

Sir Bruin said...

Indeed, I would not mess with you. Not sure that I would buy a used car from you either.

janerowena said...

It's a very good photo, I couldn't look that good in a passport photo. Last time I had one taken the person verifying refused to put an x where she had to confirm that it looked like me!

Anonymous said...

"When one starts to resemble the passport photograph it's time to make a new one"

Zig said...

I think you look just fine, mine was so awful I couldn't bear to send it so went back and had it done again. It was only marginally better. You on the other hand look barely out of your 20s - such good genes!

Hope the car's ok and I think baby A is blissful as well as full.

Z said...

I tend to look worried when I'm not smiling, so serious is probably an improvement. My driving licence photo is terrible. I thought it wasn't too bad but it's printed out in silver and - well, I'm jowly.

Sir B, splendid! And probably wise. Jane, at least that's reassuring - I am always a bit hurt that no one has ever turned me back at the border saying that it can't possibly be my passport as I don't look like that. Mago, also splendid! And Zig, I love you. Gus was blissed out, he tucked into meringues again today - filled his face, pretty literally.

Blue Witch said...

You're far too hard on yourself: you look great.

Z said...

Thank you, BW, but I wasn't hard on myself at all. I don't mind the thought of having this photo on my passport for the next ten years.

MaryP said...

That's not a bad one at all. We're not allowed to smile on ours, either, a very silly rule, I think, since I usually do smile at customs agents.

"Would you please stop all that pleasantness, ma'am, so I can verify that this is indeed you?"

My passport photo's not too bad, but my most recent driver's license? I look like a serial killer, utterly frightening.