Wednesday 9 January 2013

Z hugs

I went to London yesterday to check out my flat, because my tenant has bought a house.  Yay James, and thank you for looking after the place so well.  Oven, bath and fridge completely clean, and they are the mark of thorough cleaning.  I've had to spend a full day cleaning a one bedroom flat, empty at that, in my time, so I appreciate not having had to.  Oh, and the windows were clean too.

If anyone is interested in paying me something approaching £1500 per month for a one bedroomed unfurnished flat, do get in touch.  Islington, opposite the canal, round a couple of corners from Upper Street at the Angel station end.

Ahem.  Advert over.

I can't imagine why, but I started walking from Liverpool Street and I just kept going.  As long as I kept North and followed my nose a bit, I was going to hit my destination - it's a couple of miles, I suppose.  But why I didn't just hop on a bus (205), I can't think.  And then I needed a couple of things and had to go and fetch them from the supermarket - forget your Tesco, in Islingto  Sainsbury's and Waitrose are side by side, opposite Gap one way and M&S the other.  I did go in Waitrose because I seem to be that sort of Z, but I hit Chapel Market too, because I'm that sort of Z as well.

I finished earlier than expected so took a bus back and was on the platform at 2.58.  Did I catch the 3 o'clock train?  Hell, yes.  I'm allowed to run to catch public transport, though no further because it jars my lovely three year old hip, and I made the most of it.  So I was home an hour early, which was just as well because I was surprisingly tired.

That didn't help me sleep, sadly, and nor could the Sage.  I wish it was a bit colder, I can't sleep in this mild weather with the winter duvet on.  So we had a long conversation at about 4.30 this morning about Life and all that comes of it, and I finally fell asleep around 6.  As a result, I didn't even hear the alarm and had to scurry around to be out of the house, teeth cleaned, by 9.

Later, home from the dentist (poorer but unscathed), I finished some school governor work that has been hanging over me for a couple of months.  I hasten to add - well, that's a figure of speech, actually I'm drinking coffee, eating chocolate (we were given rather a lot and someone's got to do it) and not feeling very hasty at all - that I'd done nearly all the work, it was just the review of one document and the writing of a letter, plus checking a couple of dates that were still to do.  But I've done it.  And the deadline is actually Friday morning, so I'm quite pleased with myself.

Later, the Head told me that our Finance Director and her assistant have both passed their accountancy exam, the CIPFA (I'll look up what it means in a while) which is jolly good, so I went to give them both a congratulatory hug.  Because I'm that sort of Z too.


Beryl Ament said...

I am sitting on my fingers to prevent myself from typing "Heck, yes, I'll rent it. I need a pied a terre in another continent." But I do deserve it and it sounds lovely.

Z said...

CIPFA is the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy. So they're fully accountable now.

Z said...

Weeza lived there for nine years and she loved it. It's not roomy, has to be said, though!

savannah said...

i would love to rent your apartment, darling, as would the MITM, but...


luckyzmom said...

My sort of Z too. Good luck on the rental.

Z said...

Thank you, I'm sure the agents will find someone willing to pay a startling amount of money for a very small flat in a lovely and convenient location.

And thank you xxx