Monday 28 January 2013

Z sneaks in a blog post

That was embarrassing.  In 'replying to all' from my phone, I accidentally sent the message before it was finished.  So I did it again, with cheery apology - and sodding did it again.  I seemed to have an extra finger, or maybe it was my ham fist, that took over at an inopportune moment.

I've cooked far too much food, two meat dishes that will feed at least 20 in total and two vegetable ones, ditto - each contains a bean or a ... no, hang on, one contains chickpeas and the other haricot beans, and could be counted as a main course for a vegetarian, though none of our guests has mentioned being vegetarian, let alone vegan, which one dish is because - I can't help it.  I avoid nuts, dairy foods, wheat, anything that people are likely to be allergic to, in as many dishes as possible, which does limit me a bit (though there's quite a wide variety too because it's boring otherwise) but, I think, gives people who make the choice or have no option but to avoid certain foods scope to choose a decent range of dishes that lets them fit in and only mention it if they want to.

I lost interest a bit by the time it came to the next course and have poached pears in red wine and - oh, darlings, judge me harshly if you must - I have bought biscuits to go with them.  Very nice biscuits of the French and Italian persuasion, but ... bought.  And there's cheese.  Obv.

Damn.  I suppose I should have thought about biscuits to go with coffee before the meeting.  I'll have to check out the cupboard.  I don't eat them normally, so supplies are a bit random.

Anyhoo, moving on...

Year 10 Music today, which I enjoyed very much.  A lovely class, quite a small one - that is, few in number, about a dozen (one of two Year 10 Music groups).  I was observing in a governorish way rather than helping, but was able to give some advice (YES!!!!) on how to use the Cubase computer programme when needed - one pair couldn't remember how to import a vocal track on to their music one.  I knew.  Hah.

I have no business being here, I should be working and will be shortly.  I have slipped behind, there are three outstanding jobs, two of them important and one late, though not desperately.  But I'm a leetle bit tired tonight and I think I've ground to a halt, so if it isn't emailable, it isn't happening.  Which sounds tougher than it is, because most of it is emailable, though stuff has to be looked up first.

When I'm like this, I prob shouldn't blog.  I think I could do with a drink before long.


Liz said...

I think it was already past wine o'clock when you posted this.

Z said...

i'd waited far too long, Liz. I won't make that mistake again in a hurry.

Compostwoman said...

9 pm is well past wine o'clock, here, for me!

I DO have a nearly teenager to cope with, however! So not everyone may feel the same...and it IS only one glass of red.

mig said...

The bar opens at 6 o'clock here.

Such a thoughtful menu. (In spite of the biscuits)

Zig said...

Sounds delish, are there other sorts of biscuits then?
It's 1/2 past the yard arm here so I'm sympathising about today not this today which is yesterday but this real one.

Z said...

Well, I'd been planning to make meringues. What put me off was not making meringues but inventing ways of using up the yolks.

I'm so tired that a glass of wine has nearly sent me to sleep tonight.