Monday 21 January 2013

Hip hip hip hooray

Yes, it's the third anniversary of the operation that gave me a shiny new hip and means that, when I walk, people have to scurry to keep up again instead of politely dawdling while I limp some way behind.  So, an update - not that there's a lot to say.  I can feel it sometimes, especially if I've been standing for a long time, either in the hip itself or deep in my femur where there's a porcelain spike.  I wouldn't call it a pain, just that I can feel it.

The other hip has deteriorated in the past year and it's interesting to notice the difference between the two.  I didn't get pain in the hip itself first time round, it hurt in other parts of the leg - I knew it was a hip problem because I'd been treated for bursitis, which I now think was a pre-arthritic condition, but this time the only place that does hurt is the hip itself.  It rarely twinges while I'm walking or standing, though sometimes, if I've been standing for a long time or carrying things a lot, it hurts afterwards for up to a week, but I'm more likely to feel it when I've been sitting for some time, especially in a car, or in bed.  I'm not sure if it wakes me, nor if it keeps me awake because I spend so much of the nights awake anyway, but it seems odd that it hurts when I'm relaxed and comfortable in bed.  I should add that it doesn't hurt too much, I'm not inclined to take any painkillers for example.   What is good that I am not hindered at all when I walk or even run and I haven't started to limp yet, and I can still wear heels.  I only occasionally get out the stilettos, though.

Because this one isn't going quite the same way as the last one did, and I wonder if the fact I weigh a couple of stone less than I did five years ago makes a difference there, I can't tell how long it's likely to be before I need another operation.  A couple of years ago, I said three to five years.  I'd still say that, probably.  So I can forget about it, most of the time, for quite a while yet.

We had several inches of snow last evening and during the night.  It took a while to sweep it off the car, though snow is a lot easier to clear away than ice, of course.  The school buses weren't running so there was no option but to close the school, but actually - whoops - it seems that when a new boiler was installed recently, something wasn't lagged correctly and we had a burst pipe and therefore no heating, so we couldn't have opened anyway.  Elle has gone to spend the day and the night with a friend, because I'm due to go out first thing tomorrow and she'd have had to walk two miles in the snow to school - not impossible of course, but better avoided.  The Sage and I had to drive to Lowestoft, which was okay, though the roads haven't been cleared as well as the other day and it's reassuring to be driving a Landrover in these conditions.  The sixth form centre was open for those taking exams, so I dropped in to cheer on the staff who'd come in, especially the caretakers who were working hard to clear the grounds.

Oh, that reminds me - I went into the bakery and a man was in front of me buying a hot bacon roll.  The assistant knew him and they were chatting.  I was being served and didn't listen for a while, until I caught him saying (he was evidently a plumber/heating engineer) "Yes, I cancelled my routine service appointments, but I've already had calls for four boilers, two burst pipes and a blocked toilet."  Later, I was talking to my London plumber and he agreed, he's been busy with emergencies too.

Oh, and I've got a new tenant - that is, it's all agreed and I've signed my papers, she has yet to do so.  The good news is that she is moving in on Monday.  The less good news is that I've had to agree to buy a bed and sofa.  I'm afraid they'll be rather basic ones.  It's worth it to get someone in so quickly.  I suppose.  *sigh*  I've got a few jobs to do first, so I'll go up at the weekend.  I'm also going to London tomorrow, weather permitting.  


allotmentqueen said...

Hippy anniversary!

I be one of the invigilators actually but I ain't seen our chief governor yet. Actually I don't think I've ever seen her, although I know what her kids look like.

martina said...

Is there an Ikea near the London flat?
Hard to realize it was three years ago that you had the operation. It seems much more recent. Hippy anniversary!

Pat said...

Glad the new hip is behaving itself. Everything will benefit from the 2 stone loss. Well done.

Unknown said...

Take care in this weather! xx

Z said...

I don't usually meet the invigilators, AQ, though one of them is a governor as it happens. But I should think all the regular staff know what I look like.

I don't know, Martina, I can't possibly go and buy and put together the furniture. I've been given the website of a firm that will deliver and set it up, they specialise in this sort of situation.

I'm very careful on ice, I don't want to fall over! And thanks, all xx

mig said...

Really, three years? 'm sure you had just had the hip done when I first came here and it seems like five minutes ago. How time flies when you're enjoying a lovely blog.

Z said...

Yup, three years. And thank you, darling. I'd seen your comments on favourite blogs for ages before actually clicking through, what I'd been missing!

luckyzmom said...

I think it will be nine years for my hip. Still doing great. I have lost about 30 pounds in almost nine months and I'm sure that has benefited both hips. I do get achey after I've been on my feet for a long time. I'm not excited about the prospect of having the other replaced and hope to dodge that bullet. Hoping the same for you.

luckyzmom said...

In the middle of the night I woke up and realized August 5,2008 was not nine years ago. Oops.