Saturday 1 December 2012

Z the man-pleaser.

It was very cold this morning and we had two men working outside the house.  Hourly mugs of tea seemed to be in order.  The Sage was going to Norwich with friend-with-a-chainsaw to remove some trees from Ro's garden - planted too close to the house, they were not very attractive and darkened the house.  As he left, he suggested sausages for lunch might be in order - for the workers, that is.

I'd had an egg for breakfast, perfectly poached.  It's easy to get good results with a new-laid egg, difficult otherwise, impossible if it's more than a few days old.  Elle came down a bit later and I cooked her egg and bacon.  Then I went out and offered to cook sausages.  They demurred a bit until they saw I meant it, and then accepted.  Four sausages each and a stack of fried potatoes later, they took their fourth mugs of tea outside with them.

During the course of the day, six mugfuls each.

We went out for supper with Al, Dilly and the children.  All very jolly and the children were perfectly behaved.  Well, all of us were, not just the juniors.  They're due to move house in less than three weeks so we want to spend some time together.  They're planning to buy new beds and various things which is useful, as we're going to furnish the bungalow and can use what they leave, or most of it.


savannah said...

you really are adorable, sugar! LOVE the title of this post!! xoxoxo

Liz said...

Tradesmen who have done work for me are usually disproportionately grateful for even one cup of tea. I imagine your hospitality to workmen will now pass into local legend.

Z said...

It was very cold. And they'd fitted us in on a Saturday.

mig said...

A thatcher we know used to say "kettle not working?" if tea didn't appear at an appropriate time. Sausages though - luxury! Any time you want a roof thatched, Barney will be there : )