Friday 14 December 2012

Ho, ho, oh

Wink has arrived on her Father Christmas run.  She's just here for one night, with Weeza and co tomorrow and then home again.  She's marvellous, such a darling to go to the effort, she had a dreadful journey in the rain.

Elle has been away for a couple of weeks and called in to pick up and wrap some presents for her family that she had ordered over the internet.  We're planning to go to Norwich tomorrow to see The Hobbit.

The Sage has been off on the train today visiting old and close friends and distributing presents.

I've done housework and not a lot else.  What else I have done was mostly chillin'.

Al and Dilly's house purchase has gone through and they are moving over the weekend.  The Sage and I will rattle around like marbles in a steel drum.  Still, we're both the solitary types.  He has already declared that my piano can go through into the bungalow so that I won't bother him - politely, he didn't say the last bit, but that was what he meant.  I offered to move through there entirely, but he didn't quite want me to do that.

I have picked up a milk bottle for Blue Witch.  If anyone else would like one, let me know.  I think they would make attractive storage containers, I will acquire a few more.

Very sadly, a calf was stillborn here today, a breech birth that was unexpectedly early, though this seems to have been a mistake in terms of dates (not the farmer's mistake, what he was told) rather than prematurity.  The mother seems okay, she had a rough time though.  When I went to the farm to tell Jonny about the cow in trouble, I managed to wade through some slurry and I think my trainers will be whiffy forever more.  I don't mind the smell of cow myself, but I might not make friends.  Still, dogs will like me.


mig said...

A few years ago I was allowed to have a 'music room'. Of course all the music and instruments in the house had to go there as well as mine and the only room that was free was upstairs so it wasn't terribly convenient for me. But as long as I don't play when people have gone to bed I don't bother any one : )

martina said...

Well, I'd move into the bungalow in a minute..if it weren't thousands of miles away and my passport was current. Kipper would love those big fields and the euwwww cow pats

Z said...

I used to have the study as a music room, but once the piano went next door it seemed a bit pointless to call it that. My pianola won't fit where the piano was, it's just that bit bigger.

Well, if you ever make it across here for a visit, Martina...

Travelling Blue Witch said...

You're wonderful, thank you! I shall swop it for an old objet of local interest to you (or definitley the Sage) that you'll probably like that I found somewhere a few eeks ago.

I found some beautiful hand-beaded-edge milk jug covers in a craft market today - the sort that I haven't seen in England for many years.

My dairying collection grows...

Z said...

Well, it's really a swop for the goodies you brought with you in May, but friends don't count presents after all, so thank you.

They're so practical, because of the weight, to put over a jug of milk. Hope you're having a lovely holiday.