Wednesday 19 December 2012

Z accepts the inev

I've wrapped the presents.  I'm vaguely disappointed as it's usually done somewhere near midnight on Christmas Eve whilst I eye the whisky left by the fire for Father Christmas, wondering if he'd mind if I had a swig.  But everything has been bought so they might as well be wrapped.

We are organising a whole-family get-together, which at present seems to be likely to be on the 1st January.  We're waiting to hear from Ro and Dora, who are the only ones going to have a jolly on New Year's Eve so may be disconcerted to find they are asked to be out of the house and on the road by noon or so the next day.

Talking of Father Christmas, I realise that the contest is lost, he's irredeemably Santa.  Not even Santa Claus.  I can't bring myself to say it myself, but I've given in.  In the same way, it's Thomas the Tank, uni ... look, I've nothing against abbreviations in principle* obv, but I like them to make sense.  So, whilst While Shepherds Watched is okay, In the Bleak and Once in Royal are not.  Anyway, Santa - children think it's his name, so it is.

The other thing I did today was to turn out the main food cupboard in the kitchen.  I found all sorts of things.  I threw away some of them.  I have resolved to buy no more pasta until I've at least used up the opened packets.  It's slightly unfortunate that it was only yesterday that I bought some spaghetti and penne, but never mind.  I won't need to buy coffee for a while either.  On the other hand, I was a bit dismayed to discover that there's not a chocolate biscuit in the house.  It's not that I eat chocolate biscuits, but it's good to know that they're there in case of emergency.

*waves at AQ


Rog said...

I thought you'd been given another apple product when I read the blog post title.

mig said...

I'm now trying to remember what our granchildren call him. Surely it's Father Christmas?
It's a particularly irritating form of abbreviation isn't it, taking the first couple of words from each item on a list without paying any attention to the meaning.

MOTB said...

You don't have to stop saying Father Christmas ... my grandchildren accept that lots of people have two names. I'm Lee as well as Nana and Paps is also called Michael. Mummy has another name and so does Daddy - so why can't Father Christmas also sometimes be called Santa?

Zig said...

It was Father Christmas when I was a child and hence he was to my children. I'm trying to think, but failing, what the children called him at my school.

The worst abrv I've come across is 'laters' which is worse by far than 'see ya' innit?

Anonymous said...

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Z said...

An iNev is top of my wishlist, Rog.

I can't say Santa myself, but I'm alone. Still, nothing new there. And sorry, Zig, I don't say 'laters' but I do write it sometimes. And it's 'see ya later' around here, which struck me as quite odd when I first moved here because it seemed to imply a sooner meeting than I'd envisaged.

allotmentqueen said...

I quite like 'laters', I don't know why. And we still do 'see you later, alligator', to which I feel sure you know the reply.