Thursday 20 December 2012

Z counts blessings if not pennies

I'm way ahead of myself.  In the event, which seems most unlikely, that we all die tomorrow, I shall have the satisfaction of knowing that I'm out of debt six weeks before I need to be: I have paid the taxman.  I know, it's usual to wait until the last possible moment but actually I think the country needs the money, paltry sum as it is, more than Barclays does and it's only sitting in my current account at present.

So, having been to the accountant first thing, I dropped the Sage off with Weeza as she was bringing him home again, then toddled off to the hospital.  Encouraged by being seen by a nurse for a completely unnecessary check on my eyesight, some five minutes before my appointment time, I was disappointed to wait a whole hour before being called to be seen by the surgeon.  Not the one who sliced into my eyelid, but a nice chap.  I was there all of two minutes, was given a clean bill of health - I hadn't expected anything else but am glad to know for sure I didn't have any malignancy in my eyelid - and came out again.  At least I finished a whole level of iAssociate while I was waiting.

I'm luckier than a small boy I know, whose parents have just been told that an operation that, it would hoped, would save the sight in one eye has failed.  He's hardly aware of a problem himself as yet, as he's never seen much with it - at least his other eye is all right.  But goodness, poor little chap.  He's only five.

Small pleasure of the day - writing a cheque with the date 20/12/2012.  Easily pleased, hey.  Other pleasure was having Weeza and Gus over here for lunch, and Dilly, Squiffany and Hay for tea.  I made scones.  Squiffany was very complimentary about them.  Charming girl.


Sir Bruin said...

Ah, the so called "magic numbers". Apparently there will be a good one at quarter past two next December.

11/12/13 14:15

allotmentqueen said...

Cheques - I remember them.

Unknown said...

The eleventh of December next, would that be, Sir Bruin?

Z said...

They were saying that the next one (I haven't looked, don't rely on me) is the first of March next year, but the *expert* on the Today programme (and why we can't call it 'Today' is beyond me) sniffed at that, saying it wasn't up to scratch. I dunno.

I still use a chequebook a year, AQ - the current one was started in February and I've just received a replacement. The cheque is alive and well and living at the Zedary!

mig said...

I think I might have just paid my last cheque - the person I used to give it to has now given me her bank details and I don't think I've used a cheque for anything else for months.