Saturday 22 December 2012


Those bottles are far too handsome to hide away in the fridge, so I've bought some extra.  Here are a couple of them.

Oh.  The photo gizmo isn't working.  I'll put the picture in later.

I've got to email round the family and find out what we're doing about presents.  We're seeing Weeza and co tomorrow, Ro and Dora on Tuesday, Al and family on Wednesday, and the next Tuesday everyone is coming here for lunch.  So are we keeping the family ones until we're all together, opening them when we're with each of them or just handing them out for everyone to open on the Day?  I don't mind, but we'd better agree.  Actually, I'll do that now.  Back in a minute.

I made a big pot of minestrone this afternoon.  I like making soup when the weather is gloomy.  Cheers me up.  We had some of it (oh yes, it'll last a couple of times more) with some cheese scones this evening.

It seems that most wives buy their own presents and hand them over to their husbands.  I think it's a poor do, frankly, bearing in mind that most of us also buy everyone else's and wrap them too.  You'd think that they'd at least be on the alert for the hint sophisticated, clear enough to tip the wink yet subtle enough to make them feel clever about it.  But no.  Although I suppose a man who gets it horribly wrong is worse.  Difficult, isn't it?

Here is the picture, above.  When it finally decided to work, it inserted itself randomly.  Sugar in one, coffee beans in the other.  Others contain raisins and beans and so on. The bottles are a nice useful size with a wide top and comfortable to hold and pour from, I like them very much.  I forgive them for not being pint size because they're more useful this way.


PixieMum said...

Wow, who are these unlucky wives? I have never had to choose my own gift, sometimes asked if there was something in particular I would like but that didn't mean Ian would necessarily buy it. Some gifts wouldn't need wrapping, for example a subscription to Find my Past genealogy site.

My mother never bought her own Christmas present either, we did drop hints to our father but mostly there was a surprise on Christmas morning.

however, I haven't bought anything for Ian this Christmas, but as soon as he mentions some 'toy' he likes I will buy it for him. At the moment he says there is nothing he wants.

mig said...

They are splendid bottles.
I think I know when which of us will be opening whose presents. But it's not as complicated as your arrangements.
I'm getting lots of soup at the moment because of trying out recipes. It's very comforting.

Z said...

Me for a start, Madeleine! Unless the Sage happens to find something that he likes that he knows I will too, he doesn't bother and several times he's just given me cash. The worst 'present' was a cheque, written on the morning. I threw it away. Though actually, last year was a close second. Fortunately, after all these years, it doesn't bother me any more.

We've agreed that we'll take presents to each other and open them as we go along, and then have a final session on NYD when we're all together, for those who haven't exchanged presents yet. I've kept every family's in separate boxes so that'll be easy.

Tim said...

If the bar wasn't set so high, I'd gladly give everyone an orange and a couple of walnuts in an old sock, like wot I used to get.

Z said...

In the good old days, dear heart?