Saturday 4 August 2012

Shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe people

Zerlina and Gus went shoe shopping.  These are Gus's First Ever proper shoes.  He is very proud.
And these are Zerlina's new school shoes.  The little darling is still three years old for the next couple of weeks, yet she will start full-time school in September.  She's looking forward to it, mind you.
And here are her new trainers.
We went for a walk by one of the Broads, then we went for an ice cream sundae at the pub.  Weeza and I also drank beer.  I emailed as much to Phil when I sent him pictures of the shoes.  He was awfully jealous.

I've bought some Adnams for him and will take it over tomorrow.  I am not a bad mother-in-law.


Unknown said...

They alter so quickly when they're small. You're very lucky that you live so near your youngsters.

Liz said...

I'm glad to see that Zerlina is cultivating a girly interest in shoes at such a young age.

Z said...

True in both instances. And the beer was well received. Mind you, I then drank some of it myself!

mig said...

Oh I thought at first Phil was jealous of the shoes!

Anonymous said...

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