Monday 20 August 2012

The doghouse - an aside

There was a dog whose name I couldn't remember, and I've been puzzling over it for several days.  And then, thanks to Rog (a bit obliquely) I had the clue.  Songs.  Musing this evening, the words "lost and gone forever" came into my mind, because I sometimes have felt warm nostalgia from the posts of the last few weeks but sometimes rather bleak regret ... anyway, that led me to Clementine, and I thought that was the dog's name for a minute, and then I knew it wasn't, and then I remembered the reason for his name, which was a heart-shaped white patch on his head.


Okay, Nefertiti next, Valentine later.  But the memories are all there, just a bit deeply buried sometimes.


Rog said...

Oh my, Darling!

Z said...

I didn't know you cared, Rog :)