Thursday 9 August 2012

Z revisits

I've been out today with Dilly, who has been reading my recent posts and was interested to see the house I've been talking about.  Having known her for nine years, she says that I've never told her anything about it - and it's true, the past is over and done with and I don't normally revisit it much.

So we went to the park for lunch and looked at the house opposite (and I did take some pictures, but it's mostly obscured by trees) and we drove round to the road and saw it from the other side and then we went to the church and visited my father's grave and my half-uncle's.  And then we went to the place where our new saleroom will be at our next auction in September.  Hay was with us so, while at the park we took him to the playground and he had fun on the swing and slide and so on.

I've been out this evening and have just got back, so tomorrow I'll download the photos and see if there's anything worth showing you.

Must phone Wink now, she left me a voicemail message a little while ago.  


luckyzmom said...

I love to visit old stuff. The older the better. That is one of the reasons why I loved our (2000?)visit to England so much. We were going to move there in 1981 but my husbands AF assignment was changed to New Mexico.

I am looking forward to seeing the new pictures of your old home.

Z said...

Well, I liked it better how it used to be!