Friday 24 February 2012

Z is visually busy but dentally unchallenged

I'd got the day all planned.  An eye test in the morning, then a meeting with the Head, then to Norwich to get my iPad repaired, then the dentist for a temporary crown.  Soon after 8 this morning, the phone rang - it was Helen, the dentist's receptionist, cancelling my appointment.  So I'll be going on Monday instead - though I seem not to have put down the time, so I'll have to ring again to check.  Late morning, I know - actually, I might receive a text notification tomorrow.

Everything else went as planned.  Lots of lights were shone in my eye, or rather a light lots of times, and I've been checked for cataracts and glaucoma and found innocent of both.  I've ordered two pairs of glasses - considering that I never wear them, this seems a lot, but actually I could do with a pair for playing music, as it's getting to be just the wrong distance to the music stand.  And I suppose a new long-distance pair for emergencies is a good idea.  Considering that you can buy reading glasses for a few pounds, the price of equally straightforward spectacles for myopia is a bit disappointing.  I need another batch of monthly contact lenses too, and I'll get some single-use ones for India so that I don't have to worry about keeping them sterile in the heat.  Expensive all round.

After the meeting with the Head, I went to the surgery to book an appointment for vaccinations before my India visit.  Then off to Norwich - since the iPad is under guarantee, I don't want to jeopardise that, and asked our insurance broker if a claim will put up our premium - last time we made quite a small claim, when a lightning strike friend our phones and my computer modem, it didn't - and he said it wouldn't this time.  In fact, I've been provided with an entirely new iPad.

It's been a rather frustrating evening however, as gmail wouldn't recognise me.  I finally managed to reclaim my account and set up a new password, but I regret the loss of the old one, which was based around Tilly-facts.   Still, I suppose an occasional change is a sensible idea.  Now all I have to do is remember the new one.

The internet connection is still erratic.  Ten days, they said.  Their time is up.  It's very annoying when it's up and down, things take so long to do, especially as it's often slow.  Honestly, it was better before the upgrade.

Weeza and family are visiting for the weekend.  Huzzah!


mig said...

Boots keep telling me I can have a free pair of glasses if I buy one but somehow it never quite works out like that. The best they've managed so far is a free lens. But I did get a discount for being old.

LẌ said...

Excellent news on the iPad!

I also ordered new glasses today.

Unknown said...

I got my new specs a few weeks ago! Small, blind world.

Z said...

Do you know, I won't get a pension until I'm 64 1/2! I should live so long - blimey, I haven't paid zilch all these years not to get a pension until the age of 64 1/2. Just as well I'm married to an older man, disgustingly healthy and never need a prescription and only take the bus in London where it's very cheap anyway.

At least I don't need reading glasses.

luckyzmom said...

We have been increasingly frustrated with our internet connection also.