Saturday 25 February 2012

Working weekend

We got a lot done today, no thanks to the Sage who couldn't remember where he'd put some china.  We searched for a couple of hours before Weeza thought to investigate a box in the kitchen.  After that, it all went swimmingly, it was all unpacked and labelled, 'lotted up' - that is, put in order for the sale, and after dinner we did the descriptions.  The Sage left most of that to me ... I can see why, he reckoned I might as well do the interesting but challenging bit, he probably thought I'd argue less that way. Weeza did the typing.  We cracked on and got it done in about an hour and then drank wine for quite some time.  We've had a lovely evening, mostly booze-fuelled it must be said.

Tomorrow, the condition report and photos and then it can all go into storage.

I found a couple of batches of photos, including some from our 25th wedding anniversary and some from when Wink and I were last in India.  We didn't label them of course, but I recognise Udaipur, Bangalore and Mysore.  I'm so looking forward to going back.  Six years, I think, since I was last there - which would mean that I was just back from there when I whimsically decided to start a blog.  Gosh.

Clear nights this week, and there was the most beautiful slim crescent moon on Thursday.  Tonight, a little wider but just as lovely.  When I used to take the dogs for their nighttime walk at about midnight, I loved watching the moon and stars.  I've got a poor memory for constellations, but gradually learned some and very much enjoyed watching the sky change through the year.

It's interesting, observing how one learns more easily as one becomes used to seeing.  For example, until a few years ago I recognised very few of our chickens, because the Sage looked after them, they were in a (very large) run some way from the house and I only saw them once in a while.  Then they were put into the kitchen garden for a winter and I went to talk to them every day, and for the past few years they've been free-range and choose to spend a lot of their time near the house.  So, of course, I recognise them all as individuals and can see how different they are.

Something of a metaphor for life, I suppose.  I used to be so self-conscious, such a worrier that I didn't look at people properly and had a really poor memory for faces (and names, which is an awful social disadvantage).  Once I learned that I didn't matter a bit, so it wasn't important what anyone thought of me, and therefore started to think more about others, I became far better at face recognition.  I often remember names too, which is useful.  I've got quite a rep. for remembering names and faces - it was something of a revelation to find out that others are as bad as I used to be.  And, of course, calling almost everyone "darling" helps no end.


LẌ said...

"I've got a poor memory for constellations"

I can recommend the "Star Walk" iPhone app. Installed it this week. It costs $2.99. There are similar free ones as well.

Unknown said...

I'm rotten at names, Chloe; which is why I call most ladies 'M'dear'.

Unknown said...

Thank-you, Darling! xx

Z said...

Thanks, LX, when I have a dog to walk again I'll get it. I don't take midnight walks at present, and if I don't look regularly, I won't remember them!

I am called Chloë, Sophie and Susie most often, dear heart, but answer to anything.

My pleasure John dearest (you see, I've more than one endearment to hand xx)

luckyzmom said...

Sweetie, I make a point of looking in peoples eyes and I can't tell you how many peoples faces have lit up simply because I called them Sweetie, Sweetheart or My Friend. All new practices in the past decade.

luckyzmom said...

My comment vanished instead of published!