Sunday 19 February 2012

Not the Lion, the Witch nor the Wardrobe. Better!

But rather, the trip to Chennai, the lamppost and the Landrover.

So yesterday, first there was that phone call from Wink.  And if you look at yesterday's post and comments, you'll see that we're planning to go to the wedding, assuming the invitation is extended to me too (which it will be).

Then we went to visit Kenny.  His son was visiting a friend at the hospital in Gallstone, so we sat with Muriel for a couple of hours.  She was pleased to reach her 90th birthday, looking forward to the cake her daughter had baked, but thanked us for staying, admitting that it's quite a strain sitting with Kenny on her own.

He was awake some of the time, but couldn't really speak or open his eyes.  He'd been quite animated the day before, talked to the Sage in the evening,  kissed me several times very lovingly when I left and waved to me ... I think he had used so much strength there was none left.  He was also determined, I'm sure, to be alive for Muriel's birthday.

While we were sitting there, the Sage told me about a lamppost that someone had for sale.  You (if you've been here) may have noticed one at the fork in the drive.  It's similar, I was immediately excited.  "We could put it outside the house, it'll look like Narnia!  The children will love it."

Then he mentioned a car.  He got vague at this point, sometimes referring to a Rover and sometimes a Landrover.  "I'm not having a Rover, after the last disaster," I said.  "I've never thought of a Landrover, why would I want that?"  Still, I was quite happy to have a look, you know me.

So we went to look at the lamppost and a couple of notes changed hands and it will be delivered in due course - that'll be lovely, we'll get it fixed in the ground and dig a trench for the cable and have it wired up - and then looked at the car.  It is a Landrover, 2001, lovely condition.  Five minutes later, we'd decided to buy it.  Jolly good.  I love being impulsive, don't you?

Wink just rang, we're planning to get our visas and all, and the lamp post has just arrived in Robert's van.  Jolly good.


Sir Bruin said...

"Impulsive" is my middle name - ask Mrs B!

Z said...

I do look before I leap - but then I leap anyway. So does the Sage, encouraging each other in impulsiveness is what we enjoy most.

Jill of All Trades said...

what loveliness: sadness, celebration, partnership, experimentation, and adventure-that was a magical story re: your title!

Z said...

Thank you, Jill. It was quite a day, one way and another. Today, Kenny was wide awake and able to speak, but desperately weak.

Unknown said...

An impulsive ZED! Scary!

Unknown said...

Well done Z. Nothing wrong with being decisive (that word looks wrong however it's spelt). Even as a dealer I've regretted NOT buying more often than I've regretted buying (if you see what I mean).

LẌ said...

Please post pix of your new ride!

Pat said...

One of our sons had a posh Land Rover and getting in and out of the front seat was painful - one got bashed in the bum.
The lamp sounds lovely.

mig said...

We have a lamp post that came from the street I lived in when I was a child - they were modernising the street lighting and my Dad bought it for a fiver. It came with us to Devon and Manchester and then years later, we brought it home and have it still. It is very Narnia : )

How exciting about the wedding!