Friday 21 January 2011

Z eats breakfast at lunchtime - you'd think there would be a word for that

I saw both John and Andy today in hospital and they're both looking loads better.  Each has their own room, with a bathroom, with charming staff who pop in to make sure there are enough clean towels and that sort of thing.  John's radio didn't work very well, and by the time one was found that did, three different people, including the top brass, had been onto the case.  The hospital does have voluntary support, but is still largely funded by the NHS - mind you, the government tried to close it down about ten years ago, in the interests of "efficiency" and it was only a concerted local effort, which included pressure from the doctors' surgery, that saved it.  There would be even more of a problem with "bed-blockers' as those who aren't fit to return home but can't find interim care are insultingly named, if such places had all closed.

Other than that, not a lot.  I've brought my paperwork up to date and paid bills.  I got up extremely late, having slept on and off until 11 o'clock this morning.  I've not slept well since the nights turned mild a few weeks ago and it finally caught up with me yesterday, when I really didn't feel too sharp.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a coffee morning.  I haven't been to one of those for years, I hardly knew they still existed.  I think there's a bring and buy stall too.  I have no idea what to take.  Should I make cake?


PixieMum said...

Definitely cake.

Home made cakes sell really well at these events.

Speaking for this family we tend to buy cakes and produce at these events as so much other stuff is junk.

I have rarely found anything to buy at a white elephant stall, we suspect the stuff on this stall at our church fetes is the same as must have been sold when the church opened some 50 years ago.

Enjoy your coffee morning, usually very sociable events.

Dave said...

My last church had a coffee morning every Friday (preceeded by a communion service). I loved the service, hated the socialising afterwards (but which duty required me to attend).

Christopher said...

I can see it now - Victoria sponge with thick (but THICK) filling of whipped cream and strawberry jam.

*closes eyes, sits back in chair, hands behind head, drools uncontrollably, forgets how nasty a term 'bed-blockers' is*

Z said...

Too much cake makes one a bed-blocker, if only because one can't get enough leverage to stand up. I suppose.

I didn't make a cake because I got up late again. But Sally, who hosted the coffee morning, had made lovely cakes and so on, so I ate a slice very similar to that described by Chris. I took marmalade (last year's, I haven't made any yet) and bought a little toy squirrel for the next grandchild.

I can understand that, Dave. Not really a social event for you at all, even f you enjoyed them, as you were on duty. You'd have to speak to as many people as possible, especially the dull ones, remember everyone's name and facts to ask about and not be able to relax and have a proper chat with a friend.

Oli said...

I have just started eating breakfast again, I probably have some way to go before i can muster up an entire Coffee morning!