Monday 17 January 2011

Wet newspaper

I woke up early, having had another disturbed night.  I don't care for these mild nights.  It's January and supposed to be cold, and I keep waking up.  I've reached the stage of tiredness that I soon fall asleep again, and it all adds up.  I do love a good sleep however, and I think I'll soon be due for one.

When I did wake for good (well, not quite as it turned out), the Sage was still asleep so I played cards and so on, until I started to receive emails, and answered them - some people do get going early in the day, I'm sure they weren't all on their iPhones.  I faffed about on Facebook for a while too, and generally was mildly sociable.  Then the Sage woke up, wrapped his arms around me, we hugged and both fell asleep.

And so, by the time we got up, it was raining and the newspapers were soaked.  I put them on the Aga to dry out and they are thoroughly crinkly.  We spent the morning on the computers and the phones, a good three hours.  I was surprised at how busy we were.  One call after another, on various subjects.  I'm awaiting some replies, but have dealt with most things, which was not bad.  I haven't written up the notes from Friday's meeting, mind you.

This afternoon, I went to visit John in hospital.  It's actually the very top of the humerus that he broke - "the ball broke right off - not in the sense that it was rolling round the room though," as he cheerfully put it.  He had been hoping to come home very soon, but is becoming aware that he is finding it hard to get up and move around.  He may come to the local cottage hospital, which would be ideal.  I've said, I'll keep in touch with his wife and visit him again soon, wherever he is.  He's rather wishing he'd bought the iPad when we went to Norwich, as he could do with it now.  I've said, if he wants me to go and buy it for him, I'll be very happy to do so.  Indeed, I'd enjoy it.

I started to write a post about school finance, but I have found myself giving a lecture.  I don't suppose you all want to know about the Age Related Pupil Allowance and the Standards Fund.  I shall have to start again.

Tomorrow, Year 9 Music.  I'm looking forward to it, including the school lunch.


Roses said...

It's so lovely that you share your warm moments with the Sage. That there is so much affection and mutual appreciation between you, gives me so much faith.

I hope they are able to transfer John to the cottage hospital soon. It would be so much better for his wife to have him closer. Should you be passing this way, let me know, I'd love to see you.

Dave said...

The Age Related Pupil Allowance is a scheme that lets people over 50 get a discount on their glasses, isn't it?

Z said...

One never knows how long one has got, we're both knocking on a bit. Got to make the most of each other.

They've got workmen in the house at present, so she's got to be there most of the time, so it's a bit difficult for her to get over to Norwich. The local place will be much better. But their beds are much in demand, Andy has to wait for one.

I do appreciate your aqueous humour, Dave.

Christopher said...


Rog said...

*aqueous humour waves*

Z said...

*sevaw*, Chris.

I know you have Fridays off, Roses, but when are you about otherwise? I'd love to see you, but I rarely come to Norwich unless it's for a particular reason, so probably better to find a time we're free.

A cornea joke has rarely been heard, Rog.