Tuesday 4 January 2011

Will Z ever stop?

Sorry, it's do some housework or blog.


It was too cloudy to see the eclipse, so I went back to bed and slept late.  I have to get back to everyday life tomorrow, but not today.  I am going out today, however.  My friend John and I are going to Norwich, for lunch and shopping.  It takes him a while to get going in the morning, he having rheumatoid arthritis, so we're not leaving until 1 o'clock.

I reminded the Sage that I was going to pick John up, and started to say that I'd back down his drive, as if his and his wife's cars are in the garage, it would be impossible to turn my estate car.  He interrupted, to say that I'd better drive, there wasn't room to manoeuvre backwards.  I said that in that case I'd have to come out backwards, and I'd rather back in - and then realised he thought I was going to say I'd back down the lane, not just the drive.  The Sage indignantly replied that that's what I'd said.

Poor chap.  There are times when I can and do quote a conversation in its entirety.  He 'backed down'* and apologised.

I confess, my temper is slightly short at present.  The ear thing has been a nuisance, and now the blockage has shifted, I feel a bit dizzy.  I'm okay, but being careful not to move my head too quickly.

Wink is due to arrive here on Thursday afternoon, so the clan will gather to celebrate - it'll still be the Christmas season and presents will be exchanged.  I suppose keeping a tree up for that long would be out of the question.  It looks a bit incongruous already.  Anyway, Weeza and co will stay the night, Ro and Do will come for the evening and Al and family will come from next door.  I'll feed the children early so that Zerlina can be put to bed, and then snuggle Squiffany and Pugsley with a DVD while we eat.  I have no idea yet what I am going to cook.

I expect Norwich to be less busy today, it being the day VAT is due to rise.  I suspect a lot of shops will, however, carry the extra themselves while the sales are on, so I don't think the impact will be noticeable for a little while, except on services.  I can understand people buying what they need before it happens, that makes sense, unless they're going to pay for it by credit card and not pay that at the end of the month - the interest will soon outweigh the VAT, and there isn't even the gloomy satisfaction of helping pay off the national debt, but the more dismaying knowledge that one is putting yet more money into bankers' bonuses.

*ooh darlings, will the wit ever start?


Dave said...

I've just finished putting all my Christmas decorations away. One can be frivolous for far too long.

Ms Scarlet said...

Should I take my Christmas tree down now? I love the fairy lights.

savannah said...

it seems that january is just that time of year that not only offers a new beginning, but a revamping of relationships. ok, maybe that's just our house! xoxoxo

Eddie 2-Sox said...

You're funny.

allotmentqueen said...

We always keep our tree up until Twelfth Night, so that the Three Wise Men know where to go.

I think you ought to see your doctor/practice nurse about your ear. The balance organs are in your ear, so this could be why you're feeling dizzy. You may well need to have your ear syringed - or there may be a foreign body in there.

No, we had too much cloud to see any of the eclipse - it just seemed a bit darker than expected.

I read an article earlier that suggested many items would stay at £9.99 but that a few would shoot up to £10.99, rather than there being a universal £10.21, such is the perceived psychological effect of the 99p element.

Dave said...

If there's a foreign body in there, Chris might lend you some olive oil.

Roses said...

I confess, I made our recent large purchases just to avoid the VAT.

Hope your ear behaves itself (as does the Sage)

Z said...

One can, Dave? That has not been my experience.

Not until the 6th, Scarlet. Only keep them after that if you are superstitious. Cribs/Nativity scenes can be kept out until Candlemas, in early February.

Savannah, go for it, darling. Revamping a relationship is fab, especially, I'd expect, after you've been parted for a bit. We don't leave it to the young, do we?

ROFL, darling?

It's there (the tree, that is) in the corner looking a bit out of place, but I find that tradition rules. It's only a fortnight a year, after all.

It's an earwig, Dave! Ooh, Chris to the rescue.

Actually, it's loads better. I do get this sometimes, and have been to the doctor once, who assured me that I have no need to worry and to take a decongestant if necessary. It got better during the day. I did have it badly once, ghastly.

So did Weeza and Phil ... but it'll be paid off next time. The Sage has totally redeemed himself today. He has been kissed. And told he's marvellous.

Z said...

Scarlet, if you are *not* superstitious. Sorry to mislead.

Blue Witch said...

" I can understand people buying what they need before it happens, that makes sense, unless they're going to pay for it by credit card and not pay that at the end of the month - the interest will soon outweigh the VAT"

And you think that people who keep taking forward balances on credit cards will understand *that*? *laughs lots*

Labyrinthitis? (not caused by too many mazes)

Z said...

It was just some congestion that shifted and has now gone, I have had an inner ear infection before that gave me dreadful vertigo, but this wasn't nearly as bad. Thank you, though.

Once you've got into debt, it's really hard to get out again, and only too easy to get more credit. I don't laugh, I sympathise, although only the direst of financial problems would ever put me in that position. And it can be quite tricky to work out, whether buying something you need, in the sale and before a price increase, is worth a month or two's interest. You and I don't buy unless we can pay for it at once, but we are lucky as well as awfully sensible.

luckyzmom said...

Glad to hear you are better.

Z said...

I almost burst with rude health, LZM