Tuesday 11 January 2011


An even better date to come in ten months' time.  Won't we bloggers rejoice?

The vets became fond of Dotty in the short time she was there.  A trusting little hen, and Angela the vet thinks it was her breathing rather than her heart that gave out.  It was a stressful experience for her, after all.  She was in some pain from her foot, we couldn't have left it.  Angela said that her assistant cried when Dotty died, which I found quite upsetting.

I've been to a three-hour long training session on Safeguarding this afternoon.  The number of these that I've been to over the years, and heard about the same tragic, though rare, occurrences when a child is treated so badly that its death results in an official enquiry and new rules or guidelines.  But, however rarely, it still can happen again.  Still, it was a very good lesson of its sort and I'm better informed (although, as ever, none the wiser).

That's been about it today, I don't think I've anything else to tell you.

I arrived home to find an answerphone message cancelling a meeting this afternoon that no one had told me was on.  Just as well, I'd not have felt able to give apologies so would not have done the training, and then would have been quite miffed at its cancellation.  I've become completely hopeless again, I've turned down a social engagement because of a school one next week, and the next one isn't until next month.  Well, there's the Car Club Christmas dinner next week, but I hardly know the people who go, I only go because the Sage is.

It's not, of course, that I can't arrange anything for fun, I'm not that busy, just that other things take priority. I notice it once in a while and take myself in hand, but sometimes it's too much effort.  Must be that January feeling.

Oh, and the other news item is that the Sage is having his annual 24 hours blood pressure monitoring.  He whirrs and bleeps every 15 minutes.  He's offered to sleep in the spare room, but I'd rather sleep with him, even whirring and bleeping.


Dave said...

I must think about adding fun to my diary.

Z said...

Well, I've arranged to visit a friend this afternoon. And I'll go and see Andy in hospital tomorrow, if he's not got several visitors already. So at least there's a couple of social events.

And the Scrabble board has just pinged. So things must be looking up (unless you've just scored 100 points again)

Christopher said...

Don't you sometimes wish the date was 000000 and we could all start again?

But it wouldn't be any different.

Z said...

Don't tell me you're feeling low too, Chris?

Ms Scarlet said...

I often have to force myself to go out, but I usually feel better for it. This weather doesn't encourage me.

Z said...

I did go out, but I got wet. Still at least it wasn't cold.