Saturday 11 December 2010

Z's Christmas spirit has come early

Two weeks to go, and the first gives me a full diary and the second an almost empty one.  This is brilliant.  I'm feeling that I'd like to frame it.  My intention is to do all my remaining business work this weekend, as far as possible, do the rest of the shopping on Thursday when I'm going to Norwich, and actually save that last week for remorseless jollity - well, actually it'll be used cleaning the house, but my standards are terribly low nowadays, so it won't take more than a couple of days to do that.  I'll probably use a shovel.  If the snow returns, I'll build another snowman.

I haven't felt so relaxed about it all for years.  It must be not making those damn holly wreaths any more.  I have been on various websites ordering various presents and, apart from that one Norwich visit (I have a dental appointment and am also meeting the Sage's sister for lunch) I will not shop anywhere but Yagnub.  I have even wrapped one gift, for Phil's parents, and given it to Weeza as they are visiting them in Lichfield next weekend.  One or two to be posted, the others will be done in the final day or two, because that's far more fun.  Also, one doesn't have the nuisance of forgetting exactly what is in the parcels and having to unwrap the ends to check.

I think I told you that Phil has a new job? - he has left his old one, yesterday (office party too, which is a good one so he was glad not to miss it) and starts in Great Yarmouth on Monday.  He'll have a longer cycle ride, but a shorter train journey, and also a cheaper one.   Dilly's tenant has left the Norwich house and she and Al are getting it ready to be let again - good job he has time on his hands, this would have been impossible until January if he still had been running the shop.

Latest news from Gill is that Andy has to have all the tests re-run that he had in Madeira.  Standards don't seem to be very high there and they give no useful information.  Furthermore, he has bedsores as well as thrush in his mouth, so even nursing care isn't up to scratch.  Gill very much wants to see her friends and is coming to church tomorrow and then to Sue and Barry's for lunch.  We were decorating the church today, which is very early, but it's the village school's nativity play and carol concert on Tuesday.  I'll be playing the music, and have been brushing up on carols.  I must remember to speed up my playing - I like playing fast (yes, darlings, and loose) but it depends on who's in the congregation - as a rule of thumb, the older the average age of the congregation, the slower you have to play.


martina said...

Cool shade on Zerlina B on the main page!
I also bought locally or via web this holilday season. Much less stress.

Rog said...

I shouldn't be disparaging about other Health services by frankly Madeira don't give damn.

Dave said...

I was going to say something similar to Rog. I shall not now.

Z said...

Yes, you see my frivolity, Martina.

Rog, you are rather wonderful.

Sorry, Dave, that adoration could have been yours. But Rog was that bit quicker.

Actually, I've got another update, I'll write another brief post.