Thursday 2 December 2010

Z cancels being sociable

I was going to have coffee with one friend and go to Norwich with another, and then go to the Christingle service in the evening.  I did none of them.  The roads were quite clear, but it was a blustery day with bitingly chilly snow showers, so the Sage lit the fire in the morning and I got on with those letters.  In fact, I'd been writing one of them from the early hours as I couldn't sleep.  I lay in bed for quite some time, and then realised I had a runny nose.  There seemed no good reason for that, and it was really quite drippy.  It suddenly occurred to me to wonder if I had a nosebleed and so I got up.  Yes, it was.  And another later in the day.  Very odd.  Let's hope it doesn't happen in company - it only lasted a minute, but would have disconcerted an onlooker.

I think that we can expect a change in the weather some time next week, because I have ordered a new electric blanket and it will be delivered within five working days.  It is bound to prove unnecessary.

Tomorrow is the day when I make my Dragon debut.  I am slightly apprehensive, I have to admit.  There are a range of criteria we are judging under eight headings, with a ninth marked 'other' and there are prizes in four categories: best business idea, most coherent and businesslike plan, most entrepreneurial group and most professional presentation.  There will be about eighteen groups - well, I say groups, most of them are in twos or threes but there are a couple of individuals as well as one or two fours.  Then we'll do it again on Monday afternoon with the other half of the year group.  It looks as though they will all be in the room all the time, as they will also be marking each other - I think this will put the first few at a disadvantage, but we'll take that into account, I would think.  We're all people who work well together, I am certainly the amateur here but it'll be fine.  I absolutely won't be the most nervous person there, that's for sure.

If you will excuse me, darlings, I think I will have an early night.  See you tomorrow, I hope.


Dave said...

I suddenly started getting short nosebleeds every day, earlier this year. My Gp prescribed a steriod nosespray, which sheems to have worked.

I can low lift large weights with my nose.

Dave said...

It hasn't helped the typos though.

Z said...

Typing with your nose is the reason for the typos, love.

Dave said...

You could be right.

Rog said...

Try not to look like Deborah Meadon and instead adopt the cheery demeanour of Theo of Rymans.

It sounds an excellent idea - encouraging creative thought and developing confidence.

Christopher said...

Are you referring to nosebleeds, Rog?

Z said...

I think Rog means having an over-muscled nose.

Sad to say, I think I look rather more like Deborah Meaden than Theo. However, since the bus drivers have said they can't get the pupils to school today, it has been postponed. Still on for Monday, weather permitting.

Roses said...

I have nosebleeds when my sinuses are bad enough to require steroid sprays. Not fun, looking like someone just punched you in the nose.

I think you're absolutely right: stay home in the warm. I don't know how you could bear to leave the fire.