Friday 17 December 2010

Z doesn't fall over

Having said we wouldn't have a tree, it's turned out that there's a spare one.  Al bought one for the village school, delivered it and now that term is over has brought it back again, and there isn't a suitable branch for us to take off.  This wouldn't matter, we can get a branch of fir anywhere (and we're not very bothered, to be honest) but he and Dilly decided that they might as well use it, and that leaves the little tree in a pot going spare.  So I said, okay, it can go on the revolving bookcase and we'll put the floozy and a couple of decorations on it.

If you didn't know me last year, you won't have been introduced to the floozy.  It'll probably be as simple to take her picture again and put it up as to refer back to last December.  She is an honoured, if not a respected, member of the family.

I didn't get to the end of term jollies at the high school.  I didn't want to get the car out and then walk on the slippery ground, frankly.  We had an electrical problem at the church and I walked there and back four times, which was quite enough - the drives weren't too bad, but the road was terribly slippery.  The last time, carefully as I walked, I slipped several times and it was both caution and luck that kept me upright.  I'm probably reasonably safe from dislocation except from a bad fall, but if it were to happen I'd be dreadfully upset.  I'm still scared of it more than is quite proportionate, although from my mother's experiences it's not surprising.  Anyway, I do go out and I haven't fallen.  I had to climb on and off tables and chairs several times, about a dozen, and my hip has hurt a bit this evening, which is interesting - after eleven months, you'd think that wouldn't happen.

I had to phone the electrician, being unable to deal with it myself.  He is a lovely young man.  He was on his way to Norwich when I rang, but cheerfully said that he'd call in on his way home, and phoned with 20 minutes warning for me to meet him.  Then he quickly diagnosed the problem, said he'd nip back to the shop and get the part and come back, so I left him a key (the church isn't locked, but the meetings rooms are) and fetched it later. He is busy with appointments, but since this is easily dealt with (and his parents are  devout Christians, so he knows that everything has to be in full working order at this time of year) he made sure he fitted it in and phoned through to his later appointments to let them know he'd be a bit late.  I don't think you can beat a good local firm, especially family-run.

I feel that I have copped out, because I've wrapped most of the presents.  A couple haven't arrived yet, and I still have a couple to buy, but otherwise they are wrapped.  I think it takes the fun out, but I'd have to put everything away otherwise, in case the children come in and start poking around.

Still no diagnosis for Andy.  He is being taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for more specialised tests next week.  No prognosis until there's a diagnosis of course.  Poor Andy, poor Gill.  So worrying.


allotmentqueen said...

As I've got arthritic knees, I find that I'm terribly cautious when it's slippery just in case. I hate to think what might happen if I really did fall over.

I had to go back and look at the floozy, and then I did remember her. We have a three foot tall Santa that I made about twenty years ago who magically appears sitting on the sofa on Christmas morning that is still treasured.

We have a young friend who is a computer wizard who always comes in to help out when there's a problem, and due to our business we run quite a few specialist computers,and he's great. He also finds time to help out one or two pensioners who he's picked up along the way. And then he's also a member of St John's Ambulance. I think you'll find that the old saying about those who have the most commitments also manage to find the most time to help others is true.

Prayers for Andy. And of course Gill, which in a way is harder to deal with.

Dave said...

Will be including Gill and Andy in prayers tomorrow.

Pavements and roads all around me are sheet ice again.

Ad said...

You are SO non stop!

Hopefully transferring Andy to a specialised unit will bring about timely and appropriate treatment. My thoughts and prayers are with him and Gill.

Z said...

Thanks, all of you. I'll tell Gill and she and Andy will appreciate the kindness and love of strangers. Many of my friends know that I write a blog and have lovely internet friends, but only three have ever asked for the name of it - and then there's Zain, who googled for it.

I lounge around half the time, and rush about for the rest of it, which suits me quite well.

Do be careful everyone, it's terribly slippery out. It was fine on the grass, but I didn't go near the road.

savannah said...

prayers and good thoughts for you and yours, sugar! xoxoxo

Blue Witch said...

One of the local Nice Ladies and her husband, who has an unstable heart condition, have gone to their second home in Madeira for the FOTCR™. I asked what would happen if he was taken ill, "Oh the medical care and facitilities in Madeira are better than at home!"

If only they knew...

Do hope they resolve things for your friends soon.

Z said...

I can't remember if I've said this before - the very nice and helpful GP they went to initially in Madeira said "People are saying that the health service in Portugal is breaking down - in fact, it's already broken". The financial situation is far worse over there than it is here, and Madeira is an island and therefore not likely to be such a priority as the mainland.

That Andy came back with bedsores shows that it's not just medical attention that is lacking, but basic care too. This experience has opened my eyes. And frankly, I'm fed up with the NHS always being sneered at. It's a bloody sight better, and free at the point of use, than a lot of countries, and especially in the case of serious illness.

luckyzmom said...

Adding myself to prayers for Andy.

luckyzmom said...

Adding myself to prayers for Andy.

Z said...

Thanks, love. Still no change, he'll be moving as soon as they have a bed.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Re The Floozy.

Thanks to happy luck and no planning at all, the fairy on the top of the Lowestoft tree offers an indiscreet upskirt, spotlighted ogle for any passers-by. Tart.

Z said...

I'm a bit like that, going up ladders. Sometimes, there's a bit of a crowd gathered beneath, to my bewilderment.