Monday 13 December 2010

Z is reliable

It all went very well tonight and the guest speaker was marvellous.  She's in her early 30s, an 'old girl' who, having been disappointed by her A level results and having found her university place through clearing, worked hard to make a success and now has fulfilled her ambition to be a BBC journalist.  She spoke really well and was inspirational for our students.

I was fine, did the job I was supposed to do, didn't draw too much attention to myself and made no verbal howlers.  Got a couple of intentional laughs, but didn't make an attempt to be too funny.  Glanced at notes, didn't read them out.  Made some eye contact.  The Sage came, but I couldn't see him, though I was looking.  I introduced him to  the Head, afterwards, they've each heard a lot about each other but had never met.

I asked Sean what he was doing over the holidays, he said he's going to the Seychelles.  "We spent our honeymoon in the Seychelles," I squeaked excitedly and he said "haven't I told you?" and explained his son is getting married out there next week.  I must remember to tell him about the sudden temperature drop that happens at sunset, before a balmy evening.  I'd love to go back there, they were beautiful islands.

I went to Norwich this morning to have lunch with a friend.  She asked me for 11 o'clock, and offered me coffee first.  I drink coffee black normally, but she was measuring out a cup of milk and one of water.  Okay.  She heated them, added Gold Blend and we went and sat down in the dining room.  She added generous top-ups of Bailey's to each cup.  Fine.  I can rise to most occasions.

Later, I ate an enormous lunch, fish pie and crème brûlée, a dish remarkable for three different accents which I hope aren't represented by little squares in your browser.  They all work in Safari, anyway.  I am getting worryingly fat.  I can't get into all my size 10 clothes any more (that is, I can wear some of them, I'm wearing a 10 skirt now).  I can't bike in this frosty weather, I'm afraid of a fall.  I could always eat less, I suppose.  Oh dear.  Bit of a last resort, that.


Anonymous said...

Gold Blend? Surely not the pipe tabacco - ? A cafe amaretto at midday can be a lifesaver, especially in those dangerous climatic circumstances, when driving is not necessary.
And these accents work well in firefox too.

Roses said...

I'm glad your talk went well. Good for you.

Worry about eating less in the New Year. With all this cold weather, you need to keep up your calorific intake to keep warm. And you're right, you need to be careful on the snow and ice.

Dave said...

I can't get into any of my size 10 clothes.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Weddings in the Seychelles are a must, darling. Mind you, if one doesn't do one's island-hopping by biplane one is definitely council.

Z said...

God Blend is a freeze-dried Nescafé, marketed as up-market. And Baileys is a whisky and cream liqueur, very rich. I drink strong black fresh coffee normally - it tasted nice, Betty's version, but it wasn't really coffee!

I wasn't thinking about starving, Roses, just not actually overeating quite so much. But I haven't the incentive, now I'm pain-free. I'm not vain-free, so the diet will have to come.

Dave, I keep learning more about you. You have ladies' clothes? (I don't think menswear comes in size 10). I think that's brilliant - and if they don't fit you, Roses and I will have a go. I'll try on the easier-fit ones, Rosie the slinkier models.

Simon love, I've evidently said at some time that that was just what we did (the biplane, that is). And it was brilliant. No apologies, I'm afraid. A magical honeymoon on wonderful tropical islands.

Dave said...

God Blend is definitely up-market.

Z said...

I believe it received its name when Jesus took a pot of hot water, added granules and invented coffee.