Wednesday 29 December 2010

Z is fairly mean

I don't think I've ever relaxed quite so much.  I've been getting up late - not waking particularly late, but if I get up before the Sage, it wakes him, so I only do so if I have to.  Then, when he finally wakes up and wants a cuddle (this doesn't imply I don't), I then snuggle down for a bit once he has got up, so I'm even later.

Then, the Sage went out to a party - it was a general open house, I hadn't been specifically invited and I am still in the mood to relax alone, so I didn't go, and instead cooked myself a substantial lunch which included, but was not limited to, two fried bantam eggs which were so fresh that the yolks sat well on top of the whites, and i, in my turn, sat on the floor by the fire to eat it, with a glass of white wine.  Then I read the papers and then I watched the last episode of Series 3 of The Wire.  The next series is about the kids, as I remember, and Prez becomes a teacher.  And I guess that Chris and Snoop will become truly scary - does it include the buying of the nail gun?  That is the most hilarious piece of the whole series.

The Sage went out again later, to show his present to more friends - he is so thrilled with it, it's like finding the last ever pair of naked mole rats have had babies, in its rarity and also its ugliness.  I, having temporarily (I hope) taken charge of the church cheque book, made out several cheques, one of them to me (two other people signed the cheque, because that is Correct) and so all bills have been paid.  I have to visit the bank this week, unfortunately, I'm sure the queue will come out the door.  Maybe next Tuesday will do.

I have not drunk an injudicious amount of red wine, but if I have any more I might wish I hadn't in the morning, because it's very red and so hangover-inducing.  Maybe I should move on to something paler.  Or maybe it's time for coffee.  Yes, that's the best thing.  Coffee.  I'll see if the coffee fairy is on form this evening.  The bin fairies bloody aren't.  I did half their job for them, putting a bin bag by the door, and it's still there.  I wasn't pleased.

That reminds me, the Sage is on an official warning, though I'm not sure he realises quite how perilous his position is.  I've explained how vital it is for the dishwasher filters to be cleaned frequently, but he hates the job.  So, when he clears the dishwasher (this is not a specifically designated job, either of us might do it), I ask if he's cleaned them, so if he hasn't he has to do it.  Now, he's had a bright idea.  "I've cleared the dishwasher - but I haven't cleaned the filters," he says, brightly, as if remembering that the job needs doing is the point.  I've been letting him get away with it for some time, but now I've pointed out that this is a cop-out and no excuse.    Next time, there will be a polite request to take his turn at a job neither of us likes.

Putting stuff in the dustbin isn't my job, so it doesn't come into negotiations.  Any more than doing the washing, which he has never mastered.  I may be mean, but I'm quite fair.


Christopher said...

Don't you have Fairy Loobrush, Fairy Showertrapscraper, Fairy Gutterclearout and Fairy Sewagemanholediver in your household?

(Sounds like Raymond Briggs' Fungus the Bogeyman)

Z said...

Er, Chris, I think you're venturing into the realms of fantasy here. Another glass of wine, dear heart?

Fungus the Bogeyman tempted Weeza into a life of crime, some 22 years ago, sad to say.

Roses said...

Chris, your fairies seem to be hanging out with my Housework Fairy, the Laundry Fairy and the Weeding Fairy. They've been on a decade long bender on mead and have yet to stumble home.

I think your Christmas has sounded ideal.

And I agree, taking out the bins is Man's work (as well as going In the Loft).

Anonymous said...

"injudicious" is an interesting word.
Yes, I am glad that I learned Latin.

Z said...

That bloody bin bag is still there. I shall move it in front of the door later, so that the fairies can't bring in the papers without moving it in the morning. It's not even my job to lift it out of the bin. Evidently, that was my mistake.

Latin is so useful. I didn't understand English before I learned Latin. Mind you, I can't read Latin any more, I've forgotten it all. Not even tombstones, further than RIP.

Anonymous said...

:) Roles ... Sometimes, only sometimes, I (have to) place such a bag in the middle of the corridor, un-ignorable ...

The kitchen is MINE.

Blue Witch said...

I have learned to put the bin bags and recycling box on the indoor front doormat either just before Mr BW has to go to work, or shortly before he comes home.

Works a treat as he either can't get out of, or in (depending), the door until they have flown to the bin :)