Friday 24 December 2010

Chester's first Christmas

Chester was born in mid-October, so he was 8 weeks old the week before Christmas.  We didn't get a dog for Christmas, but it just so happened that our puppy was ready to leave his mother in time for Christmas.

I will recap, darlings, because I do like to tell a story from the beginning.  I went to coffee with a friend - it was one of those charity things where the first person asks 8 people, each guest asks 4, those ask 2 and they each ask a friend, everyone concerned giving a donation.  I don't think I did, I just gave the money, because I wasn't going to ask a friend for a cup of coffee and expect her to pay for it.

Anyway, Bridget was there, and I mentioned that we were looking for a mongrel puppy, and she said that the man who delivered their horse feed had said that their dog had had puppies, and she might have one.  I asked her to pass on my phone number, and a day or two later, Z phoned.  I didn't phone myself of course, that would be silly, her name is Z too.  Anyway, we went to visit and there were four black pups, three of them female, and three blond boys.  The largest and palest, they were going to keep.  In the car, I'd said to the Sage that I hoped there would be a blond boy.  There was a choice of two, almost identical.  One had a few white hairs on his head.  I wanted him.  Without saying so, I asked the Sage for his choice.  He said the same pup.  They were three weeks old then and, Z being hospitable, we went to visit every week.

That Christmas was, intentionally, a quiet one.  We didn't have a tree, because we thought that would be asking for trouble.  There is an oak beam holding our ceiling up, I just asked the Sage what the upright beam is called and he said a wall plate, and the curved bit joining it and the beam is called a knee.  We nailed a fir branch into the knee and decorated that.  I forgot all about that and, a couple of years later, thought we'd got some damn big woodworm.

To the end of his days, Chester adored Christmas.  Most of all, he loved opening presents.  We bought him various treats and wrapped them, but soon discovered that it was the unwrapping that he most enjoyed.  So we'd wrap individual biscuits, or sneak back the same hide chew and rewrap it, just to see his excitement at receiving another present.  He never touched anything belonging to another member of the family, but pounced excitedly on the parcels he was given.


allotmentqueen said...

Awww, and I thought this was going to end in a "Now we've got a new puppy for Christmas". You are a tease.

Z said...

ooh, sorry love, I didn't mean to be. It was Christopher's comment in the last post, and I am missing my dogs all over again at the moment. But I'll spring a puppy on you sooner or later.

Gledwood said...

We used to have a dog who looked like a seal. All grey and silver and white and light and dark. Just like a seal. She died aged about 4, it was very sad. She lay under a cherry tree as the cherry blossoms fell like snow, that was her last afternoon. She faded away and died.

I hope you have a good one this year. And a better 2011.

I keep forgetting who I have and haven't sent greetings to so if you got it twice, please pass it on to the 5 million people who think I'm a rude bastard because they never heard from me!


Marion said...

Chester was a charming dog, wasn't he? I have 3. When I put sunflower seeds in the bird feeders tonight, they begged for some and chewed it so oddly, rolling their eyes. I can't understand a person who doesn't enjoy the company of a dog.
Merry Christmas, Z. --

Blue Witch said...

Hope you all have a lovely day!

Vicus Scurra said...

Love and peace to you, but I feel a little let down by the title of this post. I was hoping for news that joy and happiness had, at last, reached Cheshire - perhaps even Manchester, but can find no evidence of it.

luckyzmom said...

Our dogs always only opened their own presents too, never waiting for Christmas. How do they know?

When I was young (10 or so) our two dogs would dig up and eat the carrots from our garden. One year my Mom planted them their own row of carrots and admonished them to partake only of it. And they did.

Z said...

Gled, honey, we lost a young dog once, it was very sad. Chester and Tilly (who died in October) both lived good long lives.

I hope you're feeling better, that you're up to visiting now. At least you've been able to blog, I'm sure it helps.

Vicus, predictable as I normally am, I do sometimes aim to wrong-foot, and that can lead to disappointment. I trust it hasn't spoiled your day.

I think I told the story of dog Simon and the Christmas stilton, once, LZM. I tell my dogs not to steal, so I assume they never will. Doesn't always work.

Hope you're all having a marvellous day, darlings xx

Eddie 2-Sox said...

Heart-warming. Thanks Z!