Monday 31 August 2009

Z is amused

So, it's a sunny Bank Holiday and you've spent several hours frolicking in the sea or relaxing in the garden or steaming in a queue of cars or stomping round the shops. You want a spot of light relaxation, right?

Look no further. Z spends hours in relaxation, every single day. And this is the sort of thing I do when I'm not reading your blog. Each of your blogs, that is.

I like this photo. Interesting.

Thanks to Non-working Monkey for this one

Only one of many awkward family photos

An old one, but if you haven't come across it before, one can while away a good many horrified, yet entertained, minutes Weeza put me on to this website years ago, long before I was a blogger.

Today's real post to follow. I've got to start preparing dinner.

Oh Dave, would it be all right for me to publish your wide-lens photos of the wall please? Acknowledged, of course.


Dave said...

Of course.

Sarah said...

Bank holidays...don't ya just hate them. I couldn't even park in Dedham this morning when I went to the co op for milk...arggh. and ended up driving somewhere else where the lure of 'Constable Country' is not so great...

Z said...

Thank you.

I stayed home today, Sarah -well, I went out this afternoon to fill the car before the price goes up, but that was all.

Yoga Gal said...

Relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Z said...

Mm - rare for us to have a sunny Bank Holiday, yet we've had several this year. It has been gorgeous weather.

Nice to see you back again x