Thursday 27 August 2009

Z becomes over-confident

... and is inevitably caught out.

The last couple of days have gone really well. We were pleased with the work we did on the wall yesterday, and then in the afternoon all the china was put in order and the descriptions were written. Weeza started on the catalogue that evening and emailed the draft, and then arrived first thing this morning to start work again.

Actually, I didn't have the best start to the day. A bantam has been laying eggs outside the side door, cackling her achievement around midday each morning, but yesterday and this morning, I've been woken by a triumphant boast from a different hen, which has gone on for quite 20 minutes, at 6 o'clock. By the time she stopped, there was no hope of sleep. I told the Sage about it and he looked on the other side of the house (our bedroom in this narrow cottage has a window to east and west) and found 14 eggs in a nest. Hmm.

Dilly looked after Zerlina while we got on with the business. We were, simultaneously, photographing each lot, proofreading and doing the condition report. The photos are taken out of doors, which is also a good place to see any damage or restoration. We worked on, restored by cups of Earl or Lady Grey and Lapsang Souchong, and did well until it was time for lunch. Zerlina went for a nap and we cracked on - but the sun came out. We built up a supply of checked china until a cloud came over, started photographing again, the sun came out ... eventually it turned into a hot and sunny day and we enjoyed it for a bit before admitting retreat and going indoors for more tea and freezer defrosting.

Our fridge isn't that old, but the seal on the freezer doesn't fit too well any more, so it has to be defrosted regularly. Weeza decided we might as well do it now; basically because she thought that the odds were it wouldn't be done for a couple of weeks otherwise. She's right, of course. So that was done in between other jobs. We all agree that we really could do with a new fridge and would like it in a different place, but of course that means another turn-out...job for another day, let's not think about that right now.

The sun still blazed, but lower in the sky, so we moved the set-up into the shade and finished the job by 4.30. I rapidly downloaded the photos, put them on a disc (I've no idea where I left my memory stick lying around, and that goes for my brain as well as my *whatever the correct name is for a memory stick, can't remember - hah!* and Weeza and Zerlina left for home, with the happy knowledge that we've loads of time to finish the catalogue before it goes to the printers.

I started cooking dinner, did this'n'that, poured a glass of wine, did a bit more to dinner, poured more wine, noticed the time - squealed alarmingly - "what's the matter?" asked the startled Sage. "I'm late, I'm meeting, er, you know - oh, no time to explain" and off I shot on my bike for the appointment I was 20 minutes late for. Bless her, the lovely person was still hanging about hopefully and was entirely gracious as I apologised.

When I got home, the house was empty. Johnny had phoned to say he wanted to cut the field for hay (an aftermath) so could we unlock the gate please? When the Sage returned, he left at once again to take Johnny a glass of cider, which went down well, apparently. No 169 is to leave soon to have her calf, but another cow will come to keep Big Pinkie company.

This evening, I should be numbering the photos for Ro to put on the website. But there's no hurry. I think it'll keep.

I have made that doctor's appointment, for those of you who have encouraged me to Just Get On With It.


Dave said...

How serendipitous that in the paragraph where you suggested that you may forget things, you also forgot to close the brackets you had opened.

Z said...

Forgetfulness can be a useful tool for dramatic effect, Dave.

Pat said...

Glad to see there hasn't been any slacking this past week:)

Z said...

Getting that awful 'summer is nearly over' feeling when it's time to start working again!

sablonneuse said...

Glad to hear you made the appointment - now just make sure you don't forget to go.

Z said...

I went :-)